Thursday, June 14, 2012

Short Stories

Apparently my son hates shorts and sandals for some reason.  The temperatures  have been increasing this week and he still wants to insist on long pants and tennis shoes.  Of course this morning he didn't want to get dressed at all.

In other news I am not no longer strong enough to pin my son down and dress him without his compliance.  It isn't so much strength as lack of limbs to contain his flailing ones.

At daycare on Tuesday Little Goat was playing with two combs (for some reason).  He put them together perpendicularly and went to his daycare provider and said:  "This is the number at church!"

In short, he made a cross and recognized it as belonging to church.

Just remember that kids do learn.


We've been going to Music Together regularly for about a  year now.  The songs change ever quarter and I'm always amazed how fast he seems to find favorites and can start singing them.  He naturally doesn't sing very often in class, but will frequently serenade me later, typically during bedtime.


Last night Little Goat started hitting me with both hands on my chest.  I asked him to stop hitting Mommy and he said very seriously, "I not hitting you, I playing drum!"

Little Goat is a categorizer.  He likes to know what color, size, and shape everything is.  It is important to point out that the light is green, or that his asthma medicine is an oval.  If you answer the wrong color or shape he'll point out (quickly and eagerly) that you are wrong!



Wendy said...

My 3-year-old son doesn't like sandals either. He always wants his tennis shoes. And if he picks, he chooses long pants, though he'll let me put him in shorts.

Valerie said...

Ha ha ha! I love the drums story!

Marie said...

Oh, we know all about the getting dressed drama. Murray loves shorts, but won't wear long sleeves (even in winter) or shirts with buttons. He also won't wear sandels, much preferring tennis shoes, but we picked up a pair of Crocs for him, and he loves those.