Monday, June 04, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!  Last night as I was falling asleep I was thinking about today being your birthday.  I wanted to make sure to do something special for it.  I have a present but it isn't wrapped, the card isn't purchased yet and honestly I'll probably have to give it to you the next time we see you.  But today is still important to me.

Since I've become a mother of my own I've been thinking a lot about motherhood.  I ponder the traits that we learn from our mothers.  The genetic history that is passed on we can't get away from.  The way our mother's can shape our view of the world.  I think of these things and it is a little scary to think of having so much responsibility for Little Goat's future.  But I think about myself and all of the pieces of me that are shaped by having you as a mother and I know that it is alright.  Because these things are unique treasures of who I am, and even when I don't always love all my quirks I am glad to have gotten them from you.

So Mom, on this birthday, I want to say thank you to you.

Thank you for sharing the love of cheesy sci-fi.

Thank you for teaching me that honesty is the best policy.

Thank you for Bridge, and for Scrabble and for the pursuit of the 7 letter word.

Thank sharing the birds and bees honestly, even if it was mortifying at the time.

Thank you for love of words, and for the willingness to spend several days in search of the perfect phrase.

Thank you for the proofreading of my endless papers and not letting me slack off on grammar.

Thank you for staying up late to watch eclipses and meteor showers.

Thank you for DLE support.

Thank you modeling to me that a loving and vibrant marriage does not mean always agreeing with your spouse.

Thank you for being strong enough to voice your opinion.

Thank you for being strict when I needed it.

Thank you for showing me how to use power tools.

Thank you for making me wear a helmet.

Thank you for helping me build my telescope.

Thank you for the belief that I can do anything with enough time and enough practice.

Thank you for creativity.

Thank you for teaching me to value the sleepy morning in bed, just so long as you have a notepad handy.

Thank you for loving St. Olaf.

Thank you for making me practice piano.

Thank you for teaching me to care for others.

Thank you for teaching me the value of eating dessert first.

Thank you for sitting through all those band concerts.

Thank you for encouraging me to play trumpet in church.

Thank you for being friends with my ILs (it isn't hard though! :)

Thank you for teaching me about giving back.

Thank you for being a friend and parent for my friends too.

Thank you for not needing to wear makeup daily.

Thank you for dragging me to art festivals.

Thank you for staying up late to watch old movies, and for falling asleep in chairs.

Thank you for always loving me even when I was being a brat.

The truth is there are thousands of more thank yous that you probably deserve, and probably several more I'm forgetting from when I was writing this post in bed last night.  Nevertheless, I hope that you get the idea.

Motherhood can seem daunting and hard, even when it is rewarding and life-giving.  I hope you know that I consider myself impossibly blessed to have you as my mom.  I only hope Little Goat will feel the same way some day.

In the meantime Mom, know that I am thinking of you today and wishing you the happiest of birthdays.  You had a hand it making all the very best parts of me, and I think you did a pretty good job at it too!

Love You!



Ruby Leigh said...

Ahh... Liz your parents certainly resemble you - how sweet!

Melinda Ott said...

Oh, this post brought a tear to my eye! Happy birthday to your Mom!