Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!

Shortly after I posted yesterday's blog post about my Mom's birthday I realized my dilemma.  You see today is my DAD's birthday.  My parents are only about 12 hours apart in age a fact they both use to their advantage depending on the occasion.  (My mother is the "older woman" or conversely she is "older and wiser").

Anyway,  I would be remiss to honor my mother and leave out my father on his birthday too. Afterall he has given me a great many gifts as well!  Not to mention 100% of any cool factor I may have comes from him (no offense mom).

So here are some things that I want to thank my Dad for.  This list is by no means comprehensive but it is from the heart!

Thank you for teaching me cribbage and backgammon.

Thank you for playing horsey rides with me and then with Little Goat.

Thank you for learning about things we love.

Thank you for being unbeatable in Trivial Pursuit.

Thank you for showing me how a woman ought to be treated.

Thank you for not being squeamish about girl things.

Thank you for fighting for a spot in the Ole Band, even if it took you 4 years.

Thank you for your musical influences and eclectic tastes.

Thank you for supporting our family growing up.

Thank you for teaching me about baseball, football and soccer.

Thank you loving and caring for your mom.

Thank you for pushing me past my anxieties.

Thank you for serving and volunteering and showing me the importance of giving back.

Thank you for the financial support even if I'm embarrassed about it.

Thank you for never giving up who you are, even when working for the "Man."

Thank you for accepting my husband and loving my son.

Thank you for being proud of me.

Thank you for hilarious stories and memories.
Thank  you for being a "dad" to so many of friends growing up.

Thank you for chaperoning the church trips and being fun enough to be seen with in public.

Thank you for showing me that weight loss is not only worthwhile but possible.

Thank you for showing me what a man of faith looks like.

Thank you for growing a pony tail after Mr. Goat chopped off his.

I hope this doesn't seem cliche doing this in the similar way to Moms.  The fact of the matter is that I am so grateful to have both of you as my parents and role models.  You gave me something to look for in my own future spouse - someone who loves, respects and treats women as equals.  You give me something to aspire for Edward to be.  And you are just a smart-ass enough that things are never boring.

I know you and Mom say that you are glad I'm your kid, but the reverse is also true.  I am glad I'm your kid as well.  I couldn't ask for better parents.  So Dad,  Happy Birthday too you!  Don't give mom too much grief for being the older parent today, just remember - you went gray first!  I'm thinking about you today and I love you!



Brooke said...

Super sweet! Based on these last two posts I think Little Goat has a pretty great mom!

Happy birthday to both your parents.

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Liz, I haven't been by for a while, but I love your "new" look here, and what a sweet tribute to your dad. Very inspiring! Lucky guy. :) And daughter. :)