Friday, May 04, 2012


Boy, having two blogs, a 3 yr old, a full time job and a weight loss routine is hard!  Sorry I haven't posted here this week.  I'm still figuring out my voice over at PriorFatGirl and have had a hard time separating anything in my life from trying to lose weight right now.  Sometimes things are just so big that they sort of sneak into everyday life.  But I do have some things to share and a giveaway coming up next week.  It is a BIG one!

But I feel like I owe the blog some air time and some updates, so here you go.

Mr. Goat Update:  Mr. Goat continues to do well after surgery.  He went in for a weigh in on Wed and had lost 18lbs over the last 9 days!  Wow.  He also got bumped up from all liquids to soft foods which makes him infinitely happier.  His energy is returning and he's been at work at least a half day every day this week.  He's doing so well and I continue to be impressed with his dedication and resilience!  I am so proud of him.

Little Goat Update:  Little Goat is handling things like a champ.  He's been a bit mommy-clingy lately but that is to be expected with the surgery.  He's very gentle with Mr. Goat and he's been slowly becoming a better listener and helper around the house.  He's still very 3 which means he can be very stubborn, but he's doing well.  He graduated out of parent/child swimming and loves his new class.  He also loves his music class - especially playing the finger cymbals.

Me:  Weight loss is going well.  You can see my latest weigh in results over here!  We are in a great time of year for me.  The school year activities are coming to a close and we are gearing up for the summer activities - including VBS!  I love VBS even though it seems very daunting at this stage of the game.  There are some fun summer family things too - including a great big family wedding that I'm looking forward to.  Things are looking up on many levels.

Oh, and Mr. Goat and I went out last night to see Weird Al.  He's such a good show - so funny!  It was a great night out with my incredible shrinking man!

So that's what's up with me lately, what's up with you?


Shannon said...

Liz- I found you weeks ago through PFG. And now follow you on both. I think you are a strong woman, and should be so proud of yourself! I look forward to following your journey and learning more about you. The way you lay it all out on the line is very inspirational and motivational to me!

Jeni said...

Great to hear everything continues to go well. Living with a three year old is a challenge in itself, so doing everything else on top is just amazing :).