Friday, May 11, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Identity

I've been thinking about how to blog here now that all my weight loss stuff is over at PriorFatGirl (Have you been reading my posts? - you can find them here!)  One thing I want to keep doing is writing and practicing my voice and sharing my thoughts so it is important for me to maintain this space, but sometimes I'm at a loss of what to say since Weight Loss is such an all encompassing thing right now.  So today I'm going to participate in something called 5-minute Friday.  It is a link up and the goal is to write for 5 minutes on the topic or word of the day.  Just 5 minutes with no backtracking, editing, or over-thinking.  And I think that is perfect for me right now.  So here you go.  The topic: Identity.


I always have wondered about this word, mostly because my identity always seems to be in flux.  I like so many diverse things that I fit easily into so many groups (when I can get over my introvertedness that is), but the reality is that I always wondered if that meant that I was too easily influenced by others.  When I get down to the core of my identity, what is there?

I'm a mother, and a wife, and a Children's Ministry director.  I'm a geek. I'm a bookworm.  I'm becoming an avid exerciser (?!).  Are those ME?  Are they the essence of who I am?

The reality is both and then some.  I am all those things but they do not contain all that I am.  I am bigger than labels and adjectives and nouns.  I am Elizabeth, child of God, created in his image and reborn in the waters of baptism.  I am chosen and accepted just as I am - no labels or definitions necessary.  Just as I am.  Me, in all my diversity and undefined edges.  Me, in all my brokenness and shame.  Me, in all my joys and sorrows, in all my love.  I am Me - accepted and loved and declared to be enough, just as I am.


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Hyacynth said...

Amen, Liz. You are loved and chosen. And that's who you are really.