Sunday, April 15, 2012

T- 12 hours

In less than 12 hours Mr. Goat will be in surgery.  Or going under, or something.  The whole timeline is a little unclear to me.  All I know is that at this point tomorrow morning I'll be in a waiting room, Grandma will be wrangling a toddler, and Mr. Goat will be underway.

We are sitting here tonight and most everything is done (well not the dishes).  The T's are crossed, the I's are dotted, Grandma is here and the toddler is in bed.  The alarm goes off at 4am and we are on our way.  Surgery begins at 7:30.

It seems abrupt to people who are just hearing about it but the reality is that we have been preparing for this for over 8 months.  And now it is here and that in and of itself is a little scary.  There are what ifs and nerves, but we are also excited and confident that we are making the right choice.

My week has gone pretty well.  I've used a few weekly points for a burger and some lower fat brats, but I've stayed on track.  I haven't binged or eaten out of stress.  I worked out 3 times for over an hour and had light activity on the other days.  I even did a 5k on treadmills with friends on Friday and got my personal best - 50:56.  Not fast but it is good for me!

Tomorrow is the start of a new part of our quest for health.  It changes everything, but really it changes nothing too.  It is still up to us to make choices and use the tools that we are given.  Tomorrow Mr. Goat gets a big tool to help his journey and I am excited for him.

We have had so much kindness around this - prayers, good wishes and support.  We have Grandparents changing their schedules to be with Little Goat, we have friends and family keeping us in prayer, and a whole church praying for us too.  I am so grateful for the love and support.  Thank you.

I'm not sure when I'll post again this week but I will be on twitter and will keep people posted on how things go.   Thank you!


Ann said...

Fingers crossed all goes well! Sending lots of thoughts & prayers.

jp said...

Fingers crossed, toes crossed, and stomach in knots for you. Good luck Mr Goat!

MamaBear said...

Your family will be in prayers Liz!

MamaBear said...

*my* prayers....i really shouldn't tpye with only one thumb apparently

Marie said...

God speed!

Sabrina said...

Thinking of you and Mr. Goat!!