Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How I know.

Here are a few reasons that I know that I'm "in it to win it" with weight loss that I have experienced over the last few days.

* For Mr. Goat's last meal, I bought both regular brats and chicken/pork ones.  I didn't have any regular brats at all and didn't miss it.  I also didn't have any buns, preferring spicy mustard and cutting them.

* On the day of surgery I managed to make healthy choices all day long.  I ate three meals, met my Weight Watcher "Good health Guidelines" and managed to eat exactly my points.  When I realized that the cafeteria was NOT a healthy place for me to get food I figured out healthy delivery options. 

* Best of all, I thought before I ate anything.  I waited until I was hungry, kept up on the water and did not eat out of stress or anxiety (despite having plenty).  When I needed a private meltdown I went to the mediation chapel and not the vending machine.

* Today I kept up the good tracking and eating.  I had my father bring my Subway, ate a good breakfast but perhaps the most telling story was ordering dinner:  I found out I had to spend $15 to get Jason's Deli to deliver so I needed to add one more thing.  He started mentioning desserts as options (without my asking) and as he was talking the nurses came in to do something unpleasant to Mr. Goat.  Wanting to get off the phone I just said cheesecake and finished my transaction. 

After I got off the phone and the nurses left I thought about it.  I didn't really need the cheesecake.  I looked up the points - 14, the amount of weekly points I have left, but I knew I wouldn't need it with a side salad and a wrap on its way.  I stewed about what to do with the cheesecake.  When the food was delivered I made my move.  I paid and set out all my food.  Before even eating my dinner I took the cheesecake, walked down to the nurses station and offered them my cheesecake.  I had to work to convince the nurse I didn't want it, but I think they were grateful for the treat and I was grateful to see it go.

Now I did WANT the cheesecake, but it wasn't worth the points and I had more than enough food to make me full.  And the salad even sounded better.  So I gave cheesecake away after a day supporting my husband in the hospital.  And that when I knew that if I can do that today, with all that is going on, then I can do it anytime.  That is how I know that I'll make it this time.

* One final way I know?  I've been selected as one of the new PriorFatGirl's and will be moving my weight loss blogging over there in a little while.  I hope to still blog here in my own space and share about non weight loss stuff.  I'll keep you posted when I start blogging there too.  In the meantime tune in tomorrow for my latest weight loss results.  Hopefully this week will have a good number.  It should.

(P.S.  Mr Goat's recover continues to go well, we should be taking him home sometime tomorrow)


Kristin said...

So proud of you, Liz.

Jen said...

Way to go! You are inspiring me...I often make poor choices out of stress and lack of time. I am slowly learning a little planning goes a long way.

Keeping your family in my prayers as your hubby recovers.


Marie said...

Awesome, Liz. I can't wait to read you on Prior Fat Girl. :O)

Jo said...

I'm all teary eyed with happy for you friend.

Cathy R said...

Congratulations on your selection as one of the Prior Fat Girls!

And Congratulations also on the excellent food choices you made during trying times.

Well done, you!