Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Weigh In Week 9

I am confused and pretty grumpy.  I put my heart out there yesterday to describe one of the ways that my body has let me down and now it has to go and do it again.  See...

+2.2 Pounds 
-21.8 lbs Lost to Date

So here is the thing.  I am mad at the gain, that's true.  Even though I was expecting a gain it was a much bigger one than I'd managed to wrap my head around.  And worse, I didn't go off my plan this week.  I had a few splurges that's true, but I tracked them and used my weekly points.  I didn't even go into the almost 50 activity points I earned this week.

A friend who is wiser than me says my body is probably trying to protect itself.  While this could very likely be true it is so frustrating.  I wish my body knew what my mind knows - that 300+ pounds is not the verge of starvation and I can lose the weight without facing a famine.

I'm working hard.  I'm putting in the time and the effort and I have a vested interest in seeing that scale go down.  It isn't so much about the number, but the number is a representation that I am moving toward health.  Now I have to wait a week to hopefully break even again, which just seems like two weeks wasted when I don't have time to waste.

So I'm mad.  And a little sad.  And a lot confused.

I do know one thing however, if I don't keep going with Weight Watchers and exercise this week then I'm sure to gain more.  And that is just not acceptable.  So I'm left with:

 But I'm not happy about it.


Ruby Leigh said...

You also gained in week 5, which is four weeks ago. You don't have to answer, but perhaps your woman cycle is to blame here. Seems to be happening at the appropriate interval. I'm sure it's still annoying, but never hurts to finger point at Aunt Flo.

Laura P said...


I loved your post yesterday Liz. You did put yourself out there and shared something so real that people were able to relate to. That right there is amazing.

The gain, well, maybe Ruby Leigh (commenter above) is on to something. Or there is always stress and sickness that can play a part as well.

You are doing fantastic. I know gains hurt (emotionally, physically, etc) but the weight will come off.

Valerie said...

I was definitely thinking the same thing as Ruby Leigh! You'll probably be right back on track next week. Just remember to look at the overall trend (like global warming).

Also, you may already be, but really keep an eye on your sodium and water intake. Too much sodium or too little water can really have huge effects.

Momma Hunt said...

You are still doing amazing, take your weight divide it out by weeks and you are still cruising! Also, keep in mind you thought you would gain last week and you lost...I think sometimes our body and weight catches up with us not when we think it will but when we are least expecting it. Think big picture and that is that you are doing amazing! There will be gains, losses, and stay the sames in this journey just hang on.

Love the poster too, I have one that hangs on my door to my classroom that says the same thing and I replace the Carry on with things like "pass your final" "Graduate" "Celebrate"

Casey@LoveWhatIs said...

I can understand feeling grumpy about it. I think I probably would, too. One thing I noticed when I was regularly exercising and watching my weight was that it seemed to take a week to catch up to me. If I had a really good week, I didn't always notice a loss that week. It was often the following week when I had a better loss than I expected. If I had a not so great week, I usually noticed it the next week in a gain or a not so great loss. The body is a weird thing, but I think that if you are down over 20 pounds in 2 months that is wonderfully fabulous!

Anti-Supermom said...

my prediction is that you will have a 'rock your socks off' week next week!

Keep on doing what you are doing, and thats being an inspiration to a lot of others.

Marie said...

Hang in there, Liz. I am sure you're frustrated, and sad, and mad, and it's healthy to let yourself feel this way. You WILL do this, I just know it. Could it be muscle or water weight gain? Either way, I just know you'll nail this. In the mean time, let yourself feel what you need to feel. If it makes you feel any better, you are slowly motivating me. You are WAY ahead of me. :) XOXO


Kate said...

Hang in there, Liz. Maybe Ruby is right that it has something to do with your cycle. Keep calm indeed, and try not to think of it as 'when I don't have time to waste'

Nothing you do on this healthy journey is a waste of time. Nothing at all. This is a new habit that you're learning, a new way of life, a new normal and there are bound to be ups, downs and sideways in this journey and no part of it is a waste of time unless you think that somehow it has to end in a certain spot. This is not a journey with an end, but a long and sometimes challenging climb up a tough hill. But not one minute of starting on this healthy journey is a waste of time. Not one minute.

Meredith said...

I think there are two things playing against you this week, one is what Ruby Leigh said...I have a gain or a maintain every 4 weeks...also, it takes 10 days for our bodies to react to eating/exercising behavior. So, last week you thought that was going to be your gain cause of the retreat and birthday and that plus AF could totally be the culprit here. You will have a rockstar week next week with all these workouts you are doing! Oh yeah and the day before weigh in watch your sodium and water...sodium low, water high! :)

Also, I'm really enjoying your in-between weigh in postings, too. Man I totally identified with running the mile *sigh* I'm with you.

Hey! I noticed this week you didn't post the graphic for bags and sticks of butter lost, etc..its still a lot of them!