Monday, March 19, 2012

Even if

So much of weight loss for me is about trying to predict the future.  If I do X will it translate to a loss on the scale.  If I eat Y will it inhibit my weight loss or satisfy a craving so I don't binge later?    Am I eating enough or too much?  What size will I be in next month?  Next season? When will I reach 30 lbs lost, 50 lbs lost, 100 lbs lost, goal?  When, what if, where, who.

There is dreaming big in some of those questions and that is good.  It helps me to be constantly mindful of where I am trying to get to, but the endless questions can be difficult too.  It is easy to focus too much on what I think will lead to the most results.

Martin Luther often gives me words of wisdom (good Lutheran that I am) and when I read this quotation from the new LoveFeast Table's 365 Gathered Thoughts Box I knew that I needed to hear it.

I need to choose what is healthy for me today, even if I fail at it tomorrow.

I need to workout today, even if I can't tomorrow.

Even if I never lose another pound, I need to be healthy today.

I am my own apple tree.  It is time to plant, and nurture, and tend to me.

Even if and no matter what.


LoveFeast Table said...

Liz, you are inspiring and beautiful and strong. This post blessed me so much today. Thank you! And thank you for joining Chris Ann and I at the table today.

the Blah Blah Blahger said...

"I am my own apple tree. It is time to plant, an nurture, and tend to me." I ABSOLUTELY needed to hear this today!!! AWESOME post!!!

Sabrina said...

"Even if I never lose another pound, I need to be healthy today."

Someone should knock that into my head a few thousand times!!

Thanks for sharing, Liz!

Samantha said...

Newest follower - love this times 1,000,000! And so true for me own life right now.

Thank you!


Mary Beth said...

Wonderful. Thanks. A Word I needed.