Thursday, March 15, 2012

About Face

Things can be going along swimmingly.  Work is getting done, everyone is healthy, the weather is beautiful and all is right with the world.

And then your husband gets a nasty infection which renders him incapable of much beyond sleep and taking his antibiotics.  And your toddler wakes up multiple times for then next few nights and starts to get the latest version of daycare cold 3.0.  You may find yourself tired and wondering how you are going to get it all done.

I found myself in that position this morning.  Sick husband, getting-sick toddler, and a tired mom.  Little goat was right on the edge of going to daycare or not - no fever, still had energy but a worsening cough.   And I had a host of meetings on my plate and a still under the weather husband.

I took Little Goat to daycare anyway because the first thing on my schedule for the day was water kettle bells.  I went and sweated and lifted in the pool for the half hour, plus another almost hour of water cardio in the form of water boot camp.  I wouldn't have been surprised if I'd gotten out of the pool afterwards to messages from either my husband or my daycare provider asking me to come care for one of my boys.

Miraculously that didn't happen and I went about my day.  The call to pick up Little Goat did come around 2pm and I went to get him and take him home to nurse him back to health via nebulizer's and Dora the Explorer (don't judge me, he loves it).

It was only after sitting with him and thinking about the things that needed shifting in my schedule, that I realized that the ONE thing on my busy schedule today that I really would have hated to have to miss was my workout this morning.  Let me repeat that.  Out of ALL the urgent things on my schedule the only thing that I would have been bummed to miss was my WORK OUT.

I'm sort of in shock about that.  It wouldn't have been too long ago that the thought of "having" to miss a workout would have elicited cheers.  Now it is the one thing that I'd regret missing.

I think I might be actually changing.



Sabrina said...


About the urge to workout. Not about sick and almost sick family members.

Marie said...

That must be a pretty great feeling!

I hope the Goat boys get healthy soon!

Valerie said...

Isn't it a great feeling?! Recently I've found myself saying things like, "If I eat that cake I can run again." This is different from my previous mindset of, "If I run I can eat that cake." It's a great mind set change. Keep up the good work!