Monday, February 27, 2012


How can he be three?  How can I have thrown a "friend" party yesterday and watched him thank each of his friends in full sentences?

It seems surreal to be at 3 already.   That 3 years ago yesterday he was born.

I want to express how far we've all come together, and describe the love and joy he brings me, but for now, I will simply marvel at 3.

Perhaps tomorrow there will be words for it.


Sabrina said...

He is lucky to have you as a mom, and he turning into a handsome young man.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Little E!

Valerie said...

He is such a little boy now! That is just amazing!

Marie said...

Wow. He's three! So far, besides the baby stage three has been my favorite age. Four, not so much. But three? AWESOME!

A very happy belated birthday to Little Goat, and happy "birth day" to you, Liz!