Sunday, February 19, 2012

Random Thoughts

* It has been quite a weekend.  I spent Friday home with a sick kid.  Saturday was spent with the improving kid, then a few hours work to prep for Sunday, a workout and finally DATE NIGHT!  Mr. Goat and I went to Gasthof's for German fare and then to the Brave New Workshop!  It was so nice just to have a night out with Mr. Goat and even though I certainly ate more than I should have I am not regretting my choices.  Last night I choose to enjoy my time with my husband.  I ate well the rest of the day, I saved my weekly points for the splurge, and I worked out.  So I'm not going to feel guilty.  I still hope I'll see progress on the scale this week but who knows?

* Sunday was work, then a quick clearance shopping, and toddler wrangling (it was a rough day of wrangling). Finally Mr. Goat let me skip bedtime and go to the gym since little Goat and I were butting heads all day.  I have a pretty great husband for letting me do that.  40 minutes of swimming laps later I felt much better.

* Part of today included me yelling at the toddler who was barefoot in the grocery store (in a cart) - having kicked off his boots for the 20th time.  Not my finest parenting moment.

* Today was notable that I got a few clearance tops that are 2 sizes smaller than I have been wearing.  They are just a touch tight, but not too tight.  So that is definitely a non-scale victory!

* I also got on an old pair of pants that are also 2 sizes smaller than my current.  They zip but they are still quite far from public viewing.

* I'm heading into a very busy work week, including a weekend retreat I'm helping to run AND Little goat's 3rd Birthday party (hold me) so I might be a bit scarce this week.  I'll still be going to my weigh in and will tell you guys the news at it occurs.  I hope to be back more often next week when my life might calm down a touch.  As much as my life ever calms down.

* How can little goat be turning 3 in a week?!?!?

* I am SO taking next Monday off.  The only plans are - gym and rest.

* I'm sure there is more but I'm tired and out of words.  Thank you all for your support so far.  It helps keep me on track.  I will get to your questions, including the pizza recipe, soon.

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Marie said...

I hope you have a great week, despite the chaos. :)