Sunday, February 05, 2012

Random Thoughts on Sunday Night

* I don't think the Goat family has had a weekend yet this new year where we all were healthy.  While there is some benefit of illness on the weekend I am sick of it (ha).  I have cleaning to do, cooking to do and menus to plan.  Not to mention work, swimming lessons and other things.  It just adds to frustration.
* Yesterday we were at the ILs to celebrate SIL's 21st birthday.  I had a single serving of full fat ice cream and I was really shocked how sweet it was.  I suppose that is a sign that I'm not craving sugar as much but it was an odd sensation to have something be too sweet. 

* The piece of rum cake I had however was not too sweet, and really, really, really yummy.

* I bought kale the other day.  The plan was to try making kale chips this weekend, which didn't happen but I hope to do it soon.

* I managed to swim laps for 25 minutes straight on Sat.  This was slow and with lots of stroke switching, but I didn't stop.  That felt pretty good.

* Another NSV (non-scale victory) - I had S'mores bars made for our church summer Sunday and I didn't have one, despite the fact that I found the recipe and realy would have liked one.

* On the other hand, today ended up being a very odd "grazing" sort of day for Weight Watchers.  I didn't go over on my points, but I didn't feel balanced or on top of my eating today.  (Of course Mr. Goat had the flu so I was a bit overly cautious on my end).

* But tomorrow is another day - and being at work seems easier to balance things some how.  (Assuming the illness doesn't spread).

* My only comment on the Superbowl - I couldn't watch thanks to the toddle, but in my opinion the winner was the lesser of two evils.  Hopefully it will be the Packers year next year!

* Will someone come do laundry and clean my house for me?

* Or take the toddler for 2 days so I can do it?

* Who am I kidding?  If someone took the toddler for two days I'd just sleep and watch tv (and probably work out twice)

* When I opened this post I had lots of really clever and interesting thoughts.  Now I'm just sleepy.  Oh well.  Perhaps I'll have something brilliant to say tomorrow.

* Probably not.


Marie said...

I love your 'random' posts, Liz.

Happy Monday to you. Have a super week!

Kelly said...

I'm impressed! I can't even do one lap without stopping. :) I can run half-marathons and do duathlons, but I can't swim worth a darn.

I never really learned to swim, so I'm trying to learn. Besides, there's a sprint triathlon in my future, so I have to figure it out by August. :)