Sunday, February 12, 2012


I am proud of the Goat family tonight.  Here are a few of the reasons why:

* I taught a new class at church and I think it went pretty well.

* I asked for help and had volunteers come through for me.  (Why is it so hard to ask for help?)

*  Little goat was quite well behaved in church, which was especially good since we were sitting by an elder and former seminary professor.

* Mr. Goat and I packed up the kid and went to the gym despite being tired.  We both swam laps.

* I didn't smack or tell off the teenagers mocking my water aerobics moves when there wasn't a lane to swim in.  (But I wanted too).

* I also didn't cry about it.  I'm doing what it takes to get healthy, so what if I look dumb.

* Mr. Goat made homemade pizza tonight that was delicious and low in points.  Yum, so good.  I even had points left for a dessert treat despite having 5, yes 5!, slices of this healthy pizza.

* The dishes are done (Thanks Mr. Goat), laundry is folded, muscles are sore, groceries are bought.

* I haven't watched more than 20 minutes of TV today.

* I have been on track with points but still had moments of satisfying indulgence this week.  Not what I'd always pick first, but things that make this lifestyle seem not like a diet.  And I'm still within points so I hope to see a good number this week!

* I tried a new food today - the Honey Tangerine.  Verdict:  Surprisingly honey-like, tasty but lots of seeds and juice.

* Little goat seems to mellowing as he approaches 3, not in energy level per se, but in his desire to fight back.  Yay!  (Of course admitting this will change it all this week).

Those are a few of the reasons I am proud today.  What made you proud this weekend?


Valerie said...

Ok, I'm really impressed with the water aerobics thing and those kids. I know that must have been hard, and I think it's awesome it didn't scare you off!

Also, you need to share the recipe of the pizza!

Marie said...

Yes, please share the pizza recipe.

I would have been sobbing salty tears into the pool...good for you. You're doing your best, and someday, they'll have their own struggles.

You are SO on track! Way to go.