Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Monthly Report - January

Here I am, a month of healthy living under my belt.  Actually, tomorrow is my week 5 weigh in, so is over a month. It was easier, and harder than I imagined.  And I can't imagine that changing.  Here is some stats by the month for those who are curious...

January Weight Watcher Stats:

  • 31 days tracked
  • 12 pounds lost
  • 15 workouts
  • 1 new food tried - Kale
  • 1 new veggie recipe tried - Roasted Cauliflower
  • Increase in my veggie intact - exponential
  • Countless number of clementines eaten
  • Inches lost - unknown (will measure in mid Feb)
  • Pants size - no change, but I do have "diaper butt" now.
  • Visible weight loss - none to me, but Mr. Goat assures me it is there.
  • Thousands of ounces of water drunk
  • No soda
  • No alcohol
  • Too much eating out, but better choices made
  • 1 potluck navigated.
All in all it was a hugely successful month.  If I can duplicate this month each month this year I could lose 144 pounds this month.  I doubt that I will be able to maintain that rate, but it is a great start and that is the important part.  Tomorrow I weigh in for the first time in February and see how this month begins too, but so far it is going well.

So I am declaring January to be a victory for me.  Watch out February, you have tough shoes to fill!


Sabrina said...

I am pretty darn sure you couldn't have had a better first month! Way to go, Liz! That list right there, that's progress! And I'm very excited for you!

Diana said...

You go, Liz!

Valerie said...

I am so excited to hear how today's weigh-in goes. You are amazing, Liz, and we're all so proud of you!

Marie said...

You rock, Liz!