Monday, January 16, 2012

Stay-at-Home Madness

Today Little Goat and I were home for Martin Luther King day.  Technically E has been home since Wednesday with a cold bug and Mr. Goat and I have been alternating frantically working and staying home with the sick kid.  Today he was well though, for the first real day.  If daycare had been open he would have gone.
Luckily the office was closed for me too.  So E and I had the day to ourselves.  It went as follows:

* Little Goat gets up fairly early, I am exhausted and wished for more time to sleep.
* Breakfast - Mr. Goat goes back to bed having sucumb to the cold bug little goat had last week.
* Watch some TV - I struggle to stay awake on the couch with Little Goat.
* Go to the gym - workout with Little Goat to the Y childcare.
* Explain to childcare that while he had been sick he is now fine and his lingering cough is due to asthma.
* Take Little Goat to Panera for lunch.
* Try to wrangle a bouncy toddler while trying to eat lunch.
* Try to convince said bouncy toddler to stop running around the restaurant, while trying to bus our dishes.
* As we are leaving Panera watching that toddler have a coughing fit which causes him to throw up all his soup from lunch.
* Mention to the manager that my son threw up, escape with toddler who is now demanding M&Ms.
* Skip the grocery store in favor of getting the toddler home on the off chance his getting sick was not due coughing.
* Try to get little goat down for a nap.  Give up after an hour plus of putting him back in bed.
* During that time try for 20+ minutes to even get him to take a timeout for hitting me.
*Give up, go back downstairs and turn on the TV.
* Finally track my food for the first time today.
* Mr Goat returns from a few bleary hours at work.
* Make dinner - realize something was improperly packaged (aka open already) and probably not safe to eat.
* Remake new dinner.
* Clean up spilled milk by Little goat.
* Toddler dumps full plate in rebellion.
* Get him some new food in an effort to get him to eat something.
* Listen as he tantrums and returns to the basement.
* Finish my dinner and talk with Mr. Goat.
* Head to basement - find Little Goat asleep on the couch.
* Try to put him to bed much to his dismay.
* Mr. Goat coaxes him to sleep while I track my dinner points.
* Toddler asleep I finally get to the grocery store.
* Return, put food away, do laundry and finally sit down for some me time.

Whew I am exhausted.  I haven't had a shower, I smell from the gym and I'm worn down by the stubborn (mostly adorable) toddler and reminded that I really am a better mom when I am a working mom.  It gives me time to process things in my own head a bit better than the constant go-go-go of toddler living.

Still that sometimes feel likes a confession that I should keep to myself.  "Hi I'm Liz.  (Hi Liz) and I'm a better mom when I'm not home all the time."  But that is the truth.  Most of the time I look forward to mutual days off with him but today I am worn down and ready to head back to work tomorrow.  Maybe Little goat will be a little nicer to me tomorrow too, it wouldn't hurt.


Monkeymama said...

(Hugs!) That sounds like a rough day after a rough week. Take heart, I always find random days off to be more difficult than the daily SAHM gig. Just a bit ago I was complaining that the kids ran over me like a bus today.

So, it isn't you or anything like that. :)

Valerie said...

Man! That sounds like an exhausting day. And you do not sound like a bad person for saying that you do better when you're able to get away occasionally. No one should be expected to do the same thing over and over and over again. Sometimes you need to take a step back to realize how lucky you are. Enjoy work today!

Momma Hunt said...

I feel that way too sometimes. I swear my child is smarter than me and can run me ragged. I often think god bless his preschool teacher because a room full of kids his age would kill me....then I am usually quickly reminded should I mention this to anyone that the job I do (teaching high school juniors and seniors)is some people's worst nightmare

Rebecca said...

I have found that when I get off schedule/routine, I have a lot more stress. Sounds like you had a TON of off-routine, so that was probably contributing to the awfulness. I find that even when Christopher comes home, we get off routine because I'm not sure what to do with him!

Marie said...

Hi, I'm Marie, and I'm a better Mom when I'm not with my child

See? You aren't alone!

Here's to a healthy Goat family.


Wendy said...

Hi. I'm Wendy, and I'm a better mom when my kids spend time in childcare.