Saturday, January 07, 2012

Something other that Weight Watchers?

I want to avoid this little blog of mine turning into a healthy living weight loss blog.  No I really hope I am able to post some success in this manner I don't want to become a broken record.  I am more than that I know.  But right now, trying to figure out this healthy living is all I think about.  I am checking and rechecking my points for the day.  I'm tracking and getting to the gym and generally agonizing about whether I am eating too much or too little or what.  The past two days I've had to dip significantly into my weekly points and it has me stressed out. 

But I keep telling myself not to worry.  Or trying to.  I am not over my points yet and if I focus I won't go over my points either.  There is still some room to spare.  And I need to remember I haven't fallen off the program just because I made a few less-than-stellar choices.  I'm not even over my total points.

I think the fear dwells in this:  I've done Weight Watchers before, albeit in a half-hearted way.  I never had much success, probably because of said half-hearted way.  I am really afraid that even giving it my best effort I will not be successful.  Somewhere it seems like sabatoge would be easier than the realization that I can't lose weight.  It is absurd I know and in realizing it I'm doing my best to fight against that fear.  I've never had a full week "on plan" so how could I even know.  And I am going to see it through to see what happens.

I just hope I lose something.  Wednesday seems forever away.

Like I said, I hope to talk about something other than my weight on this blog.  And I hope that I will soon.  But right now, that's what I've got.


Misty said...

You can do this Liz! Will it be easy, no. Will every day be hard, NO. They say it takes something like 21 days to break a cycle so give WW a full out try for at least 21 days. If it is still not working for you then find something else that does. I think the key here is tracking, tracking, tracking. Whether it's points, calories, "true" calories, stars, carbs, hearts, whatever just track. This will keep you mindful of what is going in and how much you are burning . I believe in you and know both you and your husband can do this! I'll be happy to share with you my food targets for the day if you would like also. Just remember that all of the Pack is behind you and we believe in you! Now go kick some bootay :)

Misty said...

Ps...While I believe that WW works wonders for some people, for others its just not the right fit. I am one of those people. Counting points is to much for me. Well it's not the counting really because I do that but its converting the calories to points. I know I would get used to it and it would become easier but for me I would rather just count calories, and now also figure out my "true" calories. The "true" calories I'm doing now is more work to calculate but it's just simple math ( Cal - (protein x 4 )). My point in all this rambling is find what works for you and work it! RAWR!