Sunday, January 22, 2012

One Breath, One Step - How I got there

I spent Saturday Morning at a coffee shop with 40 other people who are, have or want to change their health and their weight.  It was Jen's (A PriorFatGirlOne Breath, One Step event.  I have been to them before and always enjoy the chance to connect, ask advice, receive support and information about figuring out this healthy living thing.  I always left inspired.  Naturally I hoped to go to this one as well.

Unfortunately I looked at our budget post-Christmas and since I was spending the money on Weight Watchers, it really wasn't a good option for me to spend money on at this point.  I tried to win a ticket on Jen's blog, but the random number generator didn't look my way.  So I lamented not being able to go and continued to work on my journey alone.

So you can imagine my surprise when Jen sent me this email:.


Someone reached out to me today regarding an order they placed this morning for a ticket for the One Breath, One Step event on the 21st. They requested that I send you the ticket information with the following: 

You're taking all the right steps. 2012 is going to be your year! You've joined Weight Watchers and you're doing the hard work of finding a balance, on so many levels, from the food you consume to your work and family life. You are such a wonderful & giving person, always taking care of your family and friends. I wanted you to have the chance to have a few hours to focus on *you*. Enjoy the One Breath, One Step gathering with old and new friends. Celebrate the amazing steps you've already taken, and it's just the beginning! 
A friend 

Jen closed with the details of the event, but I confess I was already crying too hard to take it in.  First, because it was such a kind and generous gesture.  To be singled out as deserving of a gift is a special thing.  To have it be given anonymously so that there is a mysterious benefactor seems doubly special, because it is just a gift of love to me.

Secondly, it is because somewhere someone recognizes that I am worthy of making these changes and that I am CAPABLE of making them.  Someone was willing to spend money to ensure that I had the support to succeed.

I'm going to be blogging over the next few days about what I've learned at the One Breath, One Step event.  I want to focus on each of the amazing speakers.  But I couldn't begin my recap of an amazing morning without a heartfelt thank you to whoever it was out there who sent me this gift.

I am blessed with amazing friends and amazing support.  This is a beautiful reminder of that.  So, wherever you are, from the bottom of my heart:  

Thank you.


Sabrina said...

What a generous and kind person! So glad regret reached out to you! I can't wait for the recaps!

Misty @ Life Off the D List said...

You ARE worth it!

Kate said...

Having been on the receiving end of a generous heart myself, I can so understand those emotions, the sense of amazement and how wonderful it feels that someone thinks so highly of you to help you in such a giving and generous way. I have tears in my eyes too. What a gift!

Valerie said...

What a good friend you have!! And you are worth it. And you can do this. And this IS your year. I'm looking forward to reading all about everything you learned.

Marie said...

I'm in tears, too. This is such a beautiful gesture. You ARE deserving, and I'm so happy that someone reached out.

Jen H-Running Free said...

That is so great Liz! I am so glad you were there on Saturday and enjoyed your time. What an amazing gift you were given! I also think there are many more of us out here that believe in you and know you are worthy and capable! Keep up the great work!

MamaBear said...

Misty already said what I was going to tell you but it's worth saying again - YOU ARE WORTH IT LIZ!

pjmystic said...

You are unequivically and absolutely deserving of that gift. You CAN succeed, you WILL succeed and you are so very worthy of being healthy! You are a great friend to me, and my inspiration. You are a gift--to me, to your friends and family and to this world. I am happy that you got to go to this! Love and Support to always!

JennyF said...

That is fantastic!! What an incredible story. I hope you know how much people care for you and want you to succeed in this endeavor.