Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gym: Mom's hour off

I was home with a toddler with a nasty cold today.  Most of they day was spent watching endless hours of Blues Clues (his current favorite DVD), with a little Thomas the Train and Seasame Street thrown in. There was the work to get him take his nebulizers and he felt just well enough today to start to have strong opinions again.

When Mr. Goat got home it was time to take a break from the sick child care and Mr. Goat graciously let me escape to the gym.

I realized that my thinking must be changing when I was excited to go.  I was excited to get moving and get off the couch and away from the incessent Blues Clues.  I was excited to earn those activity points with Weight Watchers.  And I was excited for the good feeling post-workout.

I wasn't entirely sure what I was going to do.  I thought about doing a Couch to 5k workout but my first run was a struggle.  So I picked up my walking pace, found something good on the TV and started going.

A hour and a 5k later I wrapped up.

Seriously, I walked a 5k just because I was excited to be moving at the gym.
I'm pretty sore now, but I am still reveling that I went out in the cold and got a great workout in.  Go me!


Valerie said...

That's fantastic, Liz! You are doing wonderfully!

Sabrina said...

Yay! Remember the excitement and keep using it! I'm excited for you!

Marie said...

Awesome, Liz!

Marie said...

Awesome, Liz!