Sunday, January 15, 2012


I've made it through the weekend successfully.  I've stayed on plan and while I have eaten slightly less healthy foods I've been choices so that I am still budgeted.  I'm eating enough veggies and drinking my water.  I have only been to the gym once this week thanks to little goat's cold.  I have the day off tomorrow though so I'm going to go again.

I've done everything I am supposed to, but I have this nagging doubt this week.  I feel bigger than I did last week some how, even though Mr. Goat assures me he sees places where I am smaller.  Still I'm uncertain about whether or not Weight Watchers will work.  It almost seems like I have too many points and can eat too much food to sufficiently lose weight.  And what about sodium?  Or time of eating?  Or all those things.

I hope that I will register a loss on Wednesday but right now I am doubtful of my progress, for no discernable reason.

I push on, but I wonder what Wednesday will bring.


Valerie said...

First of all, I am sure that everything will turn out great. If you're following everything as you should (and it sounds like you are), then it will work for you. Even if you don't lose 2.4 lbs like you did last week, you're still changing your habits for the better. Just remember to look at the big picture. As long as your overall trend is downward, you're doing fine.

Momma Hunt said...

Don't worry too much I typically loose big gain some
Back loose a little always up down but itry and look at the big picture and look at the overall month totally. For me hormones or eating something salty can make my the scale go crazy. Just know that of you change your lifestyle your weight is bound to change