Tuesday, January 03, 2012


In the spirit of the New Year, I'm rebooting my healthy living efforts.  Frankly it needed to be started long before now but I had to spend some energy getting more mentally/emotionally healthy.  Now that my head is in the game it is time to get the body in the game too.

So, I joined Weight Watchers.  I've been doing it for 4 days so far and feeling my way around.  My first meeting is tomorrow morning.  Including the weigh in.  But it is time to face the music and reclaim control of that number.

"What's different right now?" you might ask.

It is true, I've tried this before, even with weight watchers, but it feels different now.  I think the difference is that I realized this is my choice.  Obvious yes, but it is my choice to eat or to focus on what is more important - being healthy, losing weight, getting my body ready to be pregnant again some day.  I want to be a mother to my son, a wife to my husband, and to have more kids.  I'm 32 and had 1 high risk pregnancy.  The time is now to make the change. 

And I have the choice.  And somehow during these four days every better choice I've made has made it that much easier to make the next better choice.  I'm sure I'll have really hard days, and I'm sure that I will stumble.

But I am in control of my own choices.  And my choice is to lead a healthy life.  Now I just have to find the ability to make it happen.

Stay tuned, I'm sure I'll be talking about this more often!


Wendy said...

This fascinates me: "every better choice I've made has made it that much easier to make the next better choice." It's so true. If I wake up at the alarm clock and spend time in morning prayer and exercise, then I WANT to eat well. If I let myself sleep in I keep saying I'll exercise but don't, and then spend the day snacking. The poor choices are a vicious cycle, but I forget sometimes that the better choices feed on each other as well. Thanks!

I will be praying that you and I will both make better choices. (and my word verification is "prayoe."

Melinda Ott said...

You can do it! It sounds like you've gotten to a place where you can make it work. I'll be interested to see how it is going for you!

Ann said...

I'm so excited for you Liz! You can totally do this!!! :)

Marie said...

Best to you, Liz! I admire your ambition.

Sarah - Fat Little Legs said...

I know I've said it before, but I'm so proud of you... You are going to do this, and I will help you however I can to make it happen. This is your year to make amazing progress on your weight loss, and I will stand beside you as I also lose weight to get back to goal!