Tuesday, January 24, 2012


My One Breath, One Step recaps are coming, I promise.  I am finding it hard to get the emotions and motivations they gave me down on paper.  Also, I am tired.  So tired, and I finally had an ephiphany about why I am SO tired.

I am working three full time jobs.

Ok, so not really.  I am working one very busy job, being a full time mom, and putting myself full time into this weight loss thing.

Last week I worked as normal, participated in two worship services, Wed night programs and Sunday School, worked out 5 times, went to One Breath, One Step, and a therapy appointment, all while making sure that my son was happy, fed, rested and had plenty of positive attention.  And I had a lot of help to get it all done, especially from Mr. Goat.

I feel sort of like a plate spinner.  The moment you focus on one plate the others need attending to as well.  You just keep going and going and hope that nothing drops to the ground.

But honestly right now I am so tired.  And hungry.  The last two days I have been hungry no matter what I eat. Even having eaten every point, plus two extra weekly points today, drinking 150oz of water, and having a balanced dinner, it is still taking most of my will power not to go to the fridge and eat every scrap of cheese in on the shelves.  Or ice cream.  Or chips (that I don't have - thank goodness).

I assume this is a sign of my metabolism kicking in and the workouts doing what they are supposed to, but it is taking effort tonight.

And my weigh in is tomorrow at 9:30.  Will it show a loss?  I hope so, but I don't know.  A tentative weigh in at the gym on Monday didn't show much of a change.  So I don't know.

I am still determined to succeed, but the balance of it all is so hard.  I can't do everything "full time" so how do I find the balance?

How do you find balance between work, health and family?


Misty @ Life Off the D List said...

Your doing great....keep at it! Make sure to keep YOU a priority! In the long run it will be good for the whole goat family :)

Marie said...

Just reading this made me tired. You go, girl! You WILL do this. :)

Valerie said...

Ooh, and if working out is making you sore, then you're REALLY tired. You're doing phenomenally well, and you have a lot of people cheering for you. Keep up the great work!

bbbb said...

You are doing awesome. The 'being hungry" all the time is something your body does to make you put back on the weight, because way back when we were cave men, losing weight was bad. It gets better though but it is really hard to fight through it

Anonymous said...

I'd like to offer you some encouragement from across the other side of the Atlantic !
When I hit 24 stone 3 yrs ago it was like the alcoholic looking down the wine glass and I decided it had to change . 10 stone later I'm hoping to lose the remaining 3 stone this year.these are some of my learning curves ......
It gets easier
I tell myself this is the way I choose to eat rather than I'm on a diet
My snacks have got better and kicking the 6 can a day diet coke habit helped !
I don't talk in terms of ideal weight I think of healthy weight
I've learnt to take stairs rather than lifts !
There are some foods that I treat like the alcoholics drink so I don't keep them in the fridge- cheese is my weakness :(
My friends all know so support and encourage
You are doing well and all I can say is keep going for you and for your family now and in the future !
London uk