Thursday, December 29, 2011

In which I am an idiot

Also I cannot count.

Or rather, I can count, but the computer didn't count properly.

It seems that I am not QUITE at 1000 blog posts because of the 29 non publish (mostly non started) drafts that are still lurking around my blog dashboard.  So instead of 1000 being by 1000th post, it was my 970th post and I feel silly.  But I'm leaving it up there because I still agree with what it says.  The blog helped me find my voice, and my voice needs a little more finding lately.  So I'm committing to being back.

Maybe I'll post once a day for all of January to get myself back into it.  There are wonderful and exciting things in the world and I want to share again.  So laugh with me at my inability to count and I hope you come back and see what else is in store!


Marie said...


I can't count either, but I've missed your voice. That said, no pressure. I just look forward to hearing more from you.


Ann said...

LOL. I've made mistakes like that before too. At any rate, I'm happy you're finding your voice again and I look forward to continuing to read your blog - even more in 2012!

Elle said...

Izzokay. But I'm glad you fessed up, because I sure did go back and count them all just to be sure. Nobody pulls a fast one on Elle.

Laughing with you...