Thursday, December 29, 2011


Despite my blogging hiccups an amazing number has come to the blog.

One thousand.

As in 1000 blog entries over the last six years.  Here it is 6 years of thoughts and growth and memories out there on the interwebs, but more importantly it has been 6 years to find my voice.

Sometimes my voice is quiet, whispering secrets in the dark hoping others catch them and hold them close for me.

Sometimes my voice is ranty, angry at the company, person or world that seeks to hurt, oppress, or destroy.

Sometimes my voice is frustrated, at the goals unmet and the weight unlost.

Sometimes my voice is hopeful, with new opportunities to grow and thrive.

Sometimes my voice is one of a mother, a wife, a friend, a church worker, a geek.

Sometimes my voice falters and I go away for a while to find out where it went.

Sometimes my voice is poetic, sometimes it is raw, sometimes it is wounded, sometimes it is strong.

But it is my own and I love the voice I've found.

And I don't want to lose the power, healing, and community that this blog has given me, so I am planning my come back.  I want to embrace my voice and make sure my voice is part of the choir of voices in the world.  The choir isn't the same with out my voice.  It isn't the same without yours.

So in 2012 I am going to sing here again.

Happy 1000 posts to me, here is to another 1000!

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Elizabeth said...

Great post! And I think celebrating #970 is wonderful! Looking forward to "hearing" your voice again!