Monday, October 03, 2011

Random Thoughts

It is time for some Random Thoughts - aka, I have lots to say but no time to write!  Ready?  Here goes...

* Why is it that the CIA has radio commercials recruiting for jobs right now?  I've heard them on my commute in several times in the last several weeks and they just baffle me.  I mean doesn't the job require a bit more than being able to listen to the radio?  I assume they have an extensive job hiring process but it still strikes me as odd every time.

* I co-hosted a shower for a friend expecting twins yesterday.  It was a good shower and the cake was super cute.  It read "Twice the blessing, twice the fun," although since yesterday Mr. Goat has been going around saying "Twice the blessing, twice the poop"  Which is also true but also not quite cake appropriate.

* Today I found a pair of boots that fit, with the help of @fabuliss and her #bootup event.  I'll post pictures this week, but this is the first time in an over 3 year search that I found a pair of boots I could wear.  It almost makes up for the price tag!  Still, this is huge

* I am sad thinking about a friend who will likely lose a brother soon.  It isn't necessarily a bad thing as it has been a long time coming but still a sad thing.

* I am loving the lovely 70 degree fall weather lately.  It could stay this way for a LONG time please!

* But since I am a realist, does anyone have a working snow blower they want to get rid of?

* Time to buy some chapstick though.

* Speaking of radio commercials, there is one for "shift work syndrome" that i hear sometimes driving home.  It talks about shift work workers having trouble with sleeping and sleepiness, it goes on to tell them to try this pill and then goes on to list every side effect in the world as a risk for this pill.  Seems like a tough fix for a little sleepiness.

* The Packers are 4-0 and the Brewers are in the playoffs.  Glad I'm still a WI girl at heart in this pretty sad MN sports season.  Of course my Packers will always be team number 1 in my heart.

* Also the Lions are 4-0.  What is up with that?

* Hey look, the football game is over, that must mean it is time for bed.  Good night blogland, sweet dreams!


africa18 said...

The lynx are doing well?!
Sorry about your friends brother, very sad!!
and I thought thr exact same thing about shiftwork disorder!!!

Jen said...

Shift work causes more than a "little sleepiness" but still the side effects could likely be worse than the original problem.