Tuesday, October 11, 2011

There and Back again?

Every night for over a week I go to bed and think, "Darn, I didn't blog today"  But the reality is that I'm not feeling it lately.  I feel swamped and more than overwhelmed and for the first time since I've started this blog 6 years ago the blog doesn't seem to be a relaxing solution to me.  I have blog posts waiting to be written and the desire has turned to apathy.

I really don't like apathy as an emotional response and I'm not sure why I'm there, but for now it's there.  And I just can't seem to force myself past it, and I wonder if I even should be trying to.  I do love blogging and it has given me so many gifts over the last several years, but I just don't know what or where I want to go right now.

And I don't know whether I have the time to do it either.

In short...   Blog questions abound that I don't have answers for.  I feel some loyalty to the wonderful community here but wonder if I'm a contributing voice right now.  There is so much that I am NOT doing right now - working out, eating right, blogging, cleaning, etc.  Instead I just tread water to make it through each week a second before the doors clang shut.  (Think Indiana Jones).

So I just don't know.  I'd love any input you guys have.  I suspect I'll be back soon, but right now I can't seem to bring it to the blog.  I'm sorry.

I'll be back?


Misty said...

It happens, you will blog when you are read and have something to say....heck look at September for my blog. Post were almost non-existent

Valerie said...

Don't worry, Liz. It happens. Just remember, this is your blog and you only have to answer to you. Sure, I love reading your posts (as do many people), but this blog is for you, by you, and about you. When you're ready to post again, you will.

Emma said...

What they said. I can definitely relate.

Marie said...

Don't put pressure on yourself to blog. I have been there several times, and so far, I've bouced back each time. Sometimes a break is a good thing.
Hang in there!

Melinda said...

Don't worry...this happen to all of us. My only advice would be to take a break and come back when you are ready. Trust me, it will come!

africa18 said...

I'm relatively new to this and I think still in the 'honeymoon' stage...but I can understand what you are saying and I do hope you will be back soon. I have enjoyed your posts I have read and follow your blog!!

Hope all is going well!!

Jen said...

I'm right there with you.

Kris said...

I blog when I have things to say and fall silent when I don't. I often find myself with lots to say at the most inconvinient times to say it.

You will maintain your balance when you are ready Liz. Hopefully we can sit down to coffee sometime soon and maybe you can fight through some of the cobwebs and clouds. *hugs*
<3 you

Elle said...

Hey Liz,

I like your blog, and I like it even more since I met you in person. I think you have something... don't know what it is, but just something that makes you likeable. You aren't pretentious or preachy, and every now and then you write a really poetic post that borders on written art. And I like that a lot.

I'll miss seeing your updates, and I hope you come back soon. Be well friend.