Thursday, September 08, 2011

Random Thoughts and live blogging the final 2 minutes of the Packer game.

* Go Pack Go.  There are 2 minutes left in the Packer game...I'm hoping we hold it out but have been fairly pleased with the game so far.  At least our offense looks great.  I ended up in four fantasy leagues this year and in one I have Rodgers, in another Brees, in yet another Greg Jennings and another the Green Bay defense.  Luckily I always cheer for the Packers over and above all fantasy stats.

* I've had Sunday School teacher training the last two nights.  It is always hard to have back to back meeting nights and miss all of bedtime.  But, I really enjoy getting to meet and plan and pray with my Sunday School teachers too.  Still, I'm glad that the fall preparations only come around once a year!

* I go get my eyes checked tomorrow for the first time in like 5 years.  I'm really dreading the dilation part as I still have LOTS to accomplish after my appointment tomorrow.  Hoping my vision is still on point though...  with the exception of my crazy crossing eyes.

*  Eek, the Saints are going to get the ball back....

* Confession time: I ate fries in September despite it being my September health challenge.  But in my defense, I thought it was still August (not September 1st).  I have decided to confess to you all and continue on with the challenge (I've been good the rest of the month so far) and add and extra day into October to make up for my error.  It feels good to clear my conscience.

*ACK stop them!!!  One play left....whew, this is always stressful.

* I want to shout out to my sister who turned in her Ph.D. dissertation this week.  Now all she has is her defense and the reviews and she is done.  I am so proud of her!

* PASS INTERFERENCE?  Nooooooooooooooooooo!

* He didn't get in!!!  He didn't get in!  Hooray!  Go Pack Go!  Packers WIN!

* Little Goat's big boy bed should be here early next week.  Does any one have any tips for switching from the open sided crib to the bed?  Or just make the switch and go for it?

* Now it is late.  Football games are intense, but I'm so glad that the season is back.  But I think it is time to stop the randomness and head to bed.  Yay bed!


Sarah - Fat Little Legs said...

Just do it... make it super fun and act all excited. My son made an amazing transition to his bed... never gets out, and still doesn't. Although it doesn't mean he doesn't holler for us sometimes :-)

Marie said...

Great post, although I'm anti-Packers. I watched the game even so - it's nice to have football on again.

We talked a TON about "big boy beds" and began a sticker chart. Each night Murray stayed in bed, he'd get a sticker in the morning. We did put lots of pillows on the floor by the bed the first few weeks though. Good luck!

Marie said...

We had the same great experience, but the hollering gets annoying, doesn't it? We finally started telling our guy that he needed to come and talk to us if he wanted something. Works beautifully!

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