Monday, September 05, 2011

Labor Day Weekend: Family Sabbath

What a wonderful weekend.  Why was it wonderful you may ask?  For a very special reason...there was NOTHING on the calendar.

For months the Goat family has been going, and going, and going.  It's been a fun summer but not a very restful one.  I can't remember the last time we didn't have something on the docket for a weekend and the rest of September is a mess of meetings and appointments too.  But this weekend was a glorious rest from our labors.

Which isn't to say we rested, but in all we did we did it together as a family - just the three of us.

  • We shopped for and ultimately chose Little Goat's big boy bed.
  • We went to the St. Paul Farmers market and feasted off the spoils all weekend long - tonight Heritage Pork St. Louis Ribs, Fried okra, fingerling potatoes, and homemade cucumber dip.  Yum.
  • I got caught up on laundry, and throwing away junk mail.
  • We played with little goat and spent lots of time being silly.
  • We attempted to get little goat back on a sleep schedule.
  • Mr. Goat and I spent nearly 4 hours staring into a firepit after little goat's bedtime last night staying up too late talking about everything.
  • We went to church and sat together as a family for likely the last time until Christmas (the perils of having a singing husband and working for a church).
It was lovely.  A few times we attempted to invite people over for a BBQ...we had tons of food, but everyone was busy on such short notice.  Still, I think that was for the best.  Prior to this weekend little goat was showing signs of wear with us being gone more than he'd like.  It was nice to just sit and be as a family.   It doesn't happen nearly enough and I think all of us needed the break.

Tomorrow starts with a bang and we are into the church "school" year.  For about 3 weeks my head will be a pinball machine in full TILT.  But for 3 days we sat and rested and were together.  And I am grateful and blessed for that time.

I hope you all had a rest from your labors this weekend. 


Valerie said...

I am so jealous! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Hopefully you don't have to wait too long for the next one.

Marie said...

I love it when our family has these kind of weekends too. Unfortunately, they are few and far between. I'm glad you enjoyed!

fritzfacts said...

Now that sounds like a perfect weekend to me! I love having the down time to just do things together, even if they aren't overly exciting. Just being together is so important!