Saturday, September 03, 2011

The Conversion of Mr. Goat

For as long as I've known Mr. Goat, he has thought a particular food pairing of mine to be odd.  Now mind you it isn't THAT odd.  It isn't peanut butter and hot dogs (my friend Mark) or a lot of other peculiarities that people like.  It is actually relatively common I think.  The pairing?

Maple Syrup and Pork - Maple sausage, bacon dipped in maple syrup, maple glazes...yum.

In fact, Maple can go on just about any breakfast item in my mind.  Sweet and Savory.  Yes, I've been known to put it on my eggs too, which may be a touch weirder than most.

But really maple and pork doesn't seem that strange does it?

Mr. Goat thought so.  My breakfast choices would make him cringe.  He just didn't like the combination, though he loves both seperately.  So I was resigned that I would have to have my maple/pork when were were out or when I was alone.

And I've managed for the 12 years we've been together to keep my love seperate from family meals.

But the St. Paul Farmer's Market was the scene of a shocking occurance today.

Picture a maple syrup stand with a crowd surrounding it wanting to taste the infused maple syrups (bourbon, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, etc).  I waited with little goat while Mr. Goat wandered ahead.  Finally I was at the head of the crowd and was rewarded with a little communion cup of bourbon maple syrup and one of ginger maple syrup.  I took a sip and called through the Farmer's Market for Mr. Goat to join me.

(Yes, I actually called for Mr. Goat too.  It is much more identifying in a crowd than his extremely common first name).

And I gave him my maple shots to try.

(Little goat got the remnants and he was trying to stick his entire face into the communion cup to get the last drops)

Folks we left with two infused maple syrups of our own and as we were driving away Mr. Goat casually remarks, "We should try that ginger maple syrup on the pork chops we've got at home"

Well, blogland, I'll admit it.  I think I may have cackled a bit.  And then whole heartedly agreed that it sounded delicious.

And wouldn't you know was.  Even Mr. Goat thought so.

It only took 12 years, but this just goes to show you:  Change is ALWAYS possible.

(Do you have any weird food pairings that I should try?)


oh_mg said...

I *love* the sweet and savory combo - I just got a spice mix from the Spice House in Chicago called "Gateway to the North" - Canadian-inspired, it's maple and garlic. Mixed with ground pork to make breakfast meatballs - oh my heavens, so good. Also great in oatmeal, which sounds odd but I love it!

Denise said...

I don't know if you remember breakfasts with me in the caf (remember breakfast group?), but I would get a scoop of the cheesy eggs and would dump syrup on top of them. Now I continue to order omelets and all other eggs with a side of syrup. Or rather, I order syrup with a side of egg. (Just like I order ketchup with a side of hot dog) :) Not the smartest calorie-wise, but it's how I like it.

angela said...

All the women in my family like bacon and syrup. My daughter Ella will only eat scrambled eggs with maple syrup.

but sweet and salty is just something I always movies when i was young enough not to be was reece's pb cups and popcorn.

Ruby Leigh said...

I always dip the sausages in too the pooling syrup flowing off of the waffles on my plate. Though I guess I never served that combination as a main thing, just something that happens.

One weird-ish thing I like is macaroni and cheese with applesauce. Or grilled cheese with applesauce on top. Though, I do feel like I'm starting to grow out of that one.

Colleen said...

I think my head nearly exploded with expletives as I was wondering what in tarnation was wrong with Mr. Goat in the first place not understanding the salty pork/maple syrup deliciousness. Now that he is converted, I feel better about my friendship with him. Thank you for being patient with him and setting him straight.