Sunday, September 18, 2011

1 in 45 seconds

I've got to tell you, there are tons of worthwhile causes out in the world.  Lots of people and groups who need someone with money, power and the network to really help.

I don't have the money, power or the network but in preparing for our Sunday School Mission this year I learned a startling statistic that has stuck with me for weeks and I think you should know it too:

1 child dies of Malaria every 45 seconds.

One child every 45 seconds dies of a completely treatable and preventable disease.  Most of those kids are in Africa, but can also be in Southern Asia, South America and other areas.   Typically non-wealthy countries.

I don't know what to do with this knowledge yet, or knowing that it used to be 1 child in every 30 seconds.  It's progress but it doesn't seem like enough somehow.

I'm a numbers girl, let's look at them:

43200 seconds in a day
960 children who die from Malaria EVERY DAY
350,400 kids who die each year from this disease.

and did I mention is is treatable and preventable?

I'm glad our Sunday School kids are doing things this year, in tandem with the ELCA Malaria Campaign, but I feel like I should do more. So I am putting it out there for you, I do have a blog to share my sadness about this with you.  I know you are asked for many many things but if this statistic disturbs you as much as it does me I hope that you have a few dollars to spare for the children.  No giveaways, no pats on the back, just the knowledge that you helped someone halfway across the world.


Marie said...

Beautiful cause, Liz. I'm taken aback by the statistics. I'll do what I can to help; no child should die of something preventable and treatable. Thanks for sharing this.

Unstoppable Mariah said...

Such sad statistics but so true. Way to step up for the cause and be part of the solution for a better world. Thanks for spreading the word.