Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I'm feeling sort of whiny and in the weeds at the moment.  I am at the intersection of pre-vacation panic parkway and summer cold lane after all.  But I am still excited for vacation and most of what has been keeping me crazy busy is good.  So I'm going to blog my way into a better sense of gratefulness.  So even sick and stressed I now present: 

Liz's Top Ten reasons today was Awesome!
10.  The weather was a perfect Minnesota summer day!
9.    We got to eat our first two tomatoes out of our garden!
8.    Grilled burgers with Gouda and the said tomatoes!
7.    Catching up on blogging and Design Star at the same time!
6.    My phone might have finally had its glitches fixed!
5.    I get to watch Little Goat learn to love trains as much as his Father!
4.    Little Goat got a good report from daycare for the first time in a while! (no toy throwing!)
3.    I'm not in a car for 7 hours today!
2.    I got to rescue a small frog who found his way into our basement before the cats found him!
1.    I got a free lunch at Good Earth because there was an ordering mix-up!

Vacation in two days.  I can make it!

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