Friday, August 12, 2011

Greetings from North Carolina!

It seems strange to say that I am FINALLY on vacation but it appears that this is now fact.  There was a time there I didn't think we'd get everything packed and ready to go but somehow it all came together.  We flew in yesterday and little goat did quite well, all things considering.  Only some minor seatbelt refusal at the beginning and some ear pain on landing.  I will take it.  We spent last night and tonight with Mr. Goat's grandmother and tomorrow we pack up and all head to the BEACH! 

It seems strange but I can't remember every really having a beach vacation before.  At least not this way.  I remember visiting my grandfather in FL once but I think we only went to the beach one day of the week.  And I've been on a cruise too but again spent only one day on primarily on the beach.  I guess I tend to be of the "doing" vacation vein.


Tomorrow we hit the beach.  I suspect that this will be right up little goat's alley but I have to admit I have some parental anxiety.  Yes there are more eyes to watch over him, but sometimes I think more eyes makes everyone a little more lax.  And there is the cannal and the beach to worry about.  Sharks!  Undertow!  Sand germs!  Jellyfish!  Hurricanes!  (Ok, yes, I am getting a bit melodramatic, but that's what mom brain's do sometimes.)

Still I am looking forward to sitting under an umbrella with nothing on the schedule but napping, reading and playing with the boy and the extended Goat family.  And I hope to play some fun card games and even sneak off for an afternoon to go watch the Harry Potter movie (which I STILL haven't seen.  Geek fail!)

Vacations have a cost to pay and I'm sure I'll feel more than a little panicky when I return to work but for a few days I'm just going to enjoy life.  I'll try to blog some but I don't know if I'll have internet access or not so we'll just see.

But really, what is the internet when you have unlimited hush puppies and a fruity beverage at your beck and call.  (Ok, I'm just dreaming there but it would be lovely).

Hope things go well in my absence.  I promise to take a lot of pictures!


Marie said...

Relax and enjoy. Little Goat will be just fine - you won't let him go too far, and neither will Mr. Goat and Grandma Goat. We took our little guy to the ocean when he was just 15 months and we all had a blast.

I hope you have the best vacation. You deserve it!


Valerie said...

You'll have internet access, because we'll have internet. :P Also, speaking as someone who's had many many beach vacations (growing up on the coast helps), don't worry. The canal is probably safer than the beach as far as water goes, but the sand at the beach is the real least at this age. I'll see you in a few hours!

Misty said...

I hope little Goat loves the beach! It was so good to see you yesterday!!!