Thursday, August 25, 2011

A case of the "afters"

Ok folks I have a serious case of the Afters.  It is quite debilitating and has kept me from making the moves to get healthy lately.  What are the Afters you may ask?  Allow me to demonstrate...

I'll workout AFTER I get back from vacation.
I'll start tracking my food AFTER my birthday.
I'll get back on track with healthy eating AFTER the state fair.
I'll commit to a 5k AFTER the school year kicks off.

After, After, After.

After is not so much an excuse but a stall tactic, a procrastination tool.  The fact of the matter is that I am feeling fat and my clothes are ill fitting.  Vacation Bible School, a funeral, vacation, travel, work, all of those things combined in the last two months and frankly I ducked my head and tried to ride it all out.  And in that process the things that help me feel better - eating well, drinking water, working out - fell by the wayside.  I don't mean that as an excuse, it was reality for a while.

But we are back to normal, or at least as calm and normal as life ever is.  And I am dragging my feet.  I KNOW it will make me feel better than I do now - sluggish and run down.  I know I am healthier for it, but I keep going to the Afters.   But you know what, there is always another After available to you.  After the birthday and the state fair then we aren't too far from Halloween (candy is already out in stores - a rant for another day), and then Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's day, winter hibernation...

There is ALWAYS an after you can use.  But it doesn't make it any less avoiding the situation.  I have an bad case of the afters, but I don't want to have it anymore.

This weekend is my birthday as well as the State Fair.  I'll be walking lots at the State Fair so that is a plus, but I know it will be full of pot holes for me.  So here is my three point action plan.

Point 1: Write down everything I eat this weekend - birthday cake, State Fair food, everything.
Point 2: Drink at least 100oz of water each day this weekend.
Point 3: Go to the gym/run outside at least once this weekend.

These may seem like small things, but necessary for me to start SOMETHING and not let the Afters win over my thinking this weekend.  Will you help hold me accountable?


Gina said...

I just did the state fair.. My tactic, I ate a salad right before we left to go. I tried one bite of the unhealthy crud my husband was getting. Then I ate a Pork chop on a stick for my dinner. I never felt too deprived and i lost 1lb. ( heck I even ate friend butter, well one bite!)

erica said...

Lots of little things add up to big things. You are my hero. :) You've got this, beautiful.

Corryn said...

You're going to hate Kris for giving me your cell number because I'm totally texting you about your goals all this weekend. ;) Way to get back at it! <3

Valerie said...

I love this idea. It's not where you start, it's where you finish, and you have to start somewhere. Oh, and I love Corryn's idea. Expect to get some texts this weekend, and feel free to call if you need support. You'd better not make me drive up there to rip a soda out of your hand! :P

Meredith@MakingOverMerbear said...

I love that you've put together an action plan! Not ONLY did you put together an action plan, you told us! You KNOW you're gonna do this weekend right, you know you are gonna get on track. Every action counts and this is a big are no longer having a case of the afters, you are being healthy NOW! RAWR! said...

I love that you finally see that you keep putting things off waiting for the right time. The time is now!! I will check on you over the weekend as well!
This is a big first step, but take it and don't look back!! You can do this!!!

EDH said...

Sounds like a great plan, Liz, and very smart to use your birthday as a time for turning over a new leaf. New year, new habits! Yay you!

Angie said...

If you get easily overwhelmed, you might find more success with changing just one habit until you can stick to it. Then move on to the next one. Although exercising is good for you, eating differently will bring far more rapid and lasting results. Just a thought. In fact, I find that once I get my eating under control, I have a lot more energy and actually feel like moving my body.