Monday, August 01, 2011

Bad Mommy Blogger

So here I am, featured in a local magazine about being a mommy blogger, and I have been MIA for nearly two weeks straight.  Bad mommy blogger, bad.  The truth is I've been keeping my head just above water with work and family obligations.  Because you know, YOU KNOW, that your toddler has an asthma/cold attack midweek into Vacation Bible School. 

But VBS is over, little goat is slowly on the mend, and my brain is slowing stopping the endless pong game of to-do lists and half completed thoughts.  And if it took my two days of staring at a wall to get back there, well then that is what it took.

I wish I could say that this was an anomaly but for the second year in a row July has felt like a too fast treadmill outside in 100 degree weather.  The 100 degree weather is legitimate too seeing as it has been impossibly hot and humid here.  I do like summer, but the heat and humidity is not for me.  It makes me want to hibernate in a nice A/C'ed basement somewhere, but instead it has been one thing (some good, some bad, some just busy) after another.

I suppose this is part of learning to be an adult, the keeping your feet under you when the world seems to be going at a pace you don't feel quite ready for yet.  Still I really hope that there will be a time to stop and take a deep cleansing breath soon.  We have a vacation around the corner and I am anxious about all that needs to happen to get away but longing for some time with some waves and sand and family.

But, I will try to get to all of the things that are worth sharing here because even in the crazy, busy, whirlwind of this summer there are things that I don't want to forget and stuff to share with you.  So I will be here, Random and Geeky as always, and I hope you are still here too.  The tiny spot on the internet is dear to me, as are all of you.

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Jen H-Running Free said...

Liz -
Glad to see you have made it through VBS week relatively unscathed! It's crazy when you have so much going on! Glad you have a vacation to look forward to! Keep up the good work lady!