Wednesday, August 31, 2011

32 goals for my 32nd year

Wow!  It is my birthday again!  I'm always amazed how fast time seems to fly as an adult, particularly when specific days can drag on seemingly forever!  I actually did pretty well with last year's goals, some big ones were crossed off the list which is wonderful.  Not everything was accomplished of course so there are a few repeats on this year's lists, but there are some new goals too!  If you want to see how I did on previous lists you can see 31 for 31 here and all the others on the sidebar of the blog!

I am really in a good place heading into this birthday.  It feels like there are always things to change about yourself to make yourself even more you, but as I grow older I become more comfortable with who I already am.  Any of the goals I accomplish this year is icing on the birthday cake as far as I'm concerned!

32 for 32

1.  Learn to make homemade spaghetti sauce using our garden's tomatoes.  Mr. Goat and I figured this one out!

2.  Find an amazing pair of boots that fit (a challenge with "meaty" calves). They are short boots, but beautiful.

3.  Go see the new Muppet movie in theaters.  Opening weekend no less.

4.  Continue to give up soda - no soda all year long.  10 months and counting...

5.  Host a holiday in our own home.

6.  Get a real Christmas tree for Christmas.  We couldn't do this in our apartment.  Done!

7. Figure out a mail system that I can actually keep up on.

8.  Find a place to volunteer regularly.

9.  Finish unpacking our home.

10.  Finish another 5k or two and break the 50 minute mark.

11.  Potty train baby goat so he can go to preschool next fall.

12.  Track everything I eat for one month minimum.  4 months+ and counting on tracking.

13.  Sew something I can wear.

14.  Take a class just for me.

15.  Roast a whole chicken.  I will do this someday...

16.  Attend a professional sports game - baseball, hockey, football, etc.

17.  Create a Mama's reading nook.

18.  Try weekly meal planning for 1 month.

19.  Go on a date once a month with my husband.

20.  Find one free-lance writing gig.

21.  Take a class with little goat - swimming, music, etc   Swimming and Music so far.

22.  Bake a birthday cake with little goat for Mr. Goat.

23.  Go back to the beach.

24.  Do a monthly health challenge each month - Sept: No Fries

25.  Learn to use a snow blower.

26.  Build a snowman in our yard with little goat.   There was no real snow this year... :(

27.  Workout with a trainer even if it is just once to get a plan in place.

28.  See a dietictian or nutritionist to get a plan in place.

29.  Smile more.  Laugh more.  Sleep more.

30.  Don't be embarrassed when I am being me.

31.  Keep my car clean.

32.  Daily choose grace, peace and joy over anxiety, negative-thinking and doubt.


Gina said...

Beautiful goals!!!

Melinda said...

Great list! I keep thinking I should do this, but I'm up to 38 at my next birthday..and that's alot!

Here's some help with #1! I think this recipe was just posted today: said...

Hey Liz! I love your list! I *just* learned how to roast a whole chicken this year right before my 34th birthday, so we're on the same track, haha!

If you want me to tell you how I will! Its so easy you will be amazed (I was) that you'd never tried it before! now I buy whole chickens all the time.

Happy Birthday chica :)

Ruby Leigh said...

I love this idea Liz, and I'm totally stealing it for my 27th birthday (27 for 27), which is coming up. Good luck on the goals, if you don't roast a chicken, you should try slow-cooking one. I love doing that and consider it one of my "easy" meals. Here's my maybe helpful post on that

Valerie said...

Oh #1 is soooo much fun to do. I can give you a great recipe. As for the roast chicken, it sounds like you and I have plans the next time I'm up there. :P

Good luck with everything!

Emma said...

Great list! I seriously need to work on #31. I have a mental block about it!

Marie said...

You're going to be one busy lady. I applaud your goals - you WILL accomplish them.


Marie said...

One more thing: I have a VERY hard time with #24. French fries are my weakness. Forget the sweets and give me some salt! :)

Momma Hunt said...

Love it!!

Sharon said...

Can I please be your mentor for #18? I am so in love with meal planning. I mean, I hate doing the work, but I could not function with my job and being a Mom if I didn't. I would really love to help you! (And in return, you can assign me your monthly diet goals. Or anything else you want me to work on. I could also work on prayer or spiritual direction...)

fritzfacts said...

I always love your lists!! So perfect to track your goals.

Tomato sauce is easy, so many recipe's everywhere! A chicken is uber easy, and so many things you can do with the leftovers! We do one about once a month or so.

Just a tip from a kid that grew up with an asthmatic brother (wow spelling), watch Little Goat with a real tree. It was a big trigger for John and my allergies too.

Anti-Supermom said...

I can't believe that I didn't tell you when I saw you... Happy Birthday, Liz! May it be an amazing year for you.