Monday, July 25, 2011

What I've been up too...

VBS prep 24/7.  But with the help of some wonderful volunteers, some amazing friends, and a lot of prayer and hard work it all came together and our first day was a hit so far.  Hopefully the rest of the week will go just as smoothly because all of this really took a toll on me.  But I'm on the mend too thanks to a hubby and SIL who let me rest after work.
Our Registration Table

The Preschool Entrance

The Entrance to Snack room (still a bit in progress)

There is lots more.  Stuff from VBS (including our big set) and lots of fun stuff, reviews and giveaways but some pictures is all I can manage tonight.  For those of you who helped along the way by cheering me on, or helping out. THANK YOU!

Now that I'm through the first day I am reminded how much all this work is worth it.  Not only do I love VBS, but the kids to do.  And that is the most important part!

5 comments: said...

PandaMania... PandaMonium... either way I am glad I was able to help! It was a great workout the first time I helped and it was a great time the second I am glad things are going well!!

Valerie said...

I am glad to hear things are turning out so wonderfully. It looks like you've put a lot of effort into everything. At least, everything looks a lot cooler than how I remember VBS as a kid.

Marie said...

Isn't the satisfaction sweet when you pull something like this off? It looks like a place my little guy would love. Congratulations, and get some rest!


Meredith said...

Wow your VBS looks pretty sweet! I love that theme! Congrats on getting it all going! You deserve the break in the evening :)

cobbergal said...

Hi Liz! I'm Nicole from the online Mother Words class, and I just wanted to congratulate you on profile in the Mpls Parents magazine. How cool is that?!? Anyway, I loved the picture of you and your little boy, and I wish you continued success!