Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Well our plans changed today as both boys of mine were sick.  So we scratched the family BBQ and I didn't get to meet the newest cousin.  Bummer.  Also while our AC was working our furnace blower died, so we are AC-less on a warm day with a feverish toddler.  Also there are bugs in my house - I've discovered some earwigs.  Eeeew.  Eeew.  Eeeew.  Add a bad night of sleep thanks to said toddler, an urgent care run (ear infection and respiratory crap) and a plethora of mosquito bites and I'm not feeling my best either

So you can imagine this was NOT how I planned to spend the 4th this year.  Thankfully I had a great weekend before this point so there were plenty of fun things this weekend (Jason Mraz concert, neighborhood party, bbq with the extended Goat family, etc). 

It is funny, we have expectations about how we think holidays should go.  Or at least I know I do and I get frustrated when reality requires I adapt my expectations.  But often my expectations are not really what a holiday is about.  Take the 4th for example.  It is our nation's birthday.  We celebrate our liberty and our freedom.  And what that really means is that I can complain on my blog and its ok.  And I can own a HOUSE and have all the drama that goes with it.  And I can have a family and have freedom to be with them on the holiday, even if it is quarantined at home.

And I could say publicly that I think the MN government has behaved very childishly in the last weeks with the government shutdown and that's ok.

And I can light my own sparkler and celebrate with some ribs on the porch of my house with my hubby after the toddler finally fell asleep.  And you know what, I didn't need a full fireworks display, or a parade, or a band concert, or a family picnic.  In the end, I had who I needed with me already.

Happy 4th of July!  (I do hope tomorrow might be a little better though!)

3 comments: said...

I hope tomorrow is btter for you too, but I am glad youcould find some good things about today :)

Valerie said...

Man, what a day!

Also, how many earwigs (my least-favorite bug)? We once had a nest form between a screen and a window in the basement. They only came in one or two at a time, so we couldn't figure out where they were coming from. It wasn't until Jess and I went to open that window one day and hundreds of them poured in that we figured it out. It was terrible! I still freak out when I see an earwig, but there aren't any in this basement! Moral of the story: Check your windows (and any other crevice). Otherwise just kill them and figure it was a fluke.

Jon, Sara, Tyler, and Sophie said...

You went to the Jason Mraz concert? So jealous!! How was it?