Monday, July 18, 2011

4 weeks

Well, I've been pretty down on myself weight wise.  I'm eating lots of fruits, but also lots of yummy grilled meats and ice cream lately.  The gym, well, that is non existent these days.  It is all work and family.  The family stuff is great, just busy and filled with new furnaces and family gatherings and the occasional summer cold (of course).  And work is in full throttle right now.

Still these feel some what like excuses but they are also the truth right now.  Realistically I've never been good about maintaining a healthy lifestyle during stressful times.  (I'm not very good at it in non-stressful times too but that's easier to work on).

But, today I need to highlight a victory.  Any victory.

And I realized today that it has been exactly 4 weeks since I gave up diet coke and all soda.  Since that time I have not had ONE DROP of soda.  Not at picnics, or at work, or during stressful times.  Not for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Not with alcohol.  Not. One. Drop.

And it wasn't easy.

Sure, I've had some more coffee than normal. (learning I like iced coffee with non-fat milk and just a bit of sweetener).  I've had a metric ton of unsweetened ice tea (my caffeine source right now it seems).  I've had some sparkling water, some juice, some more milk and LOTS more water.

The cravings are lessening and are more situational than bodily right now.  I want a diet coke because I'm stressed or tired or miss the taste more than I physically crave one.  My appetite seems smaller and has moved somewhat away from the really bad for you foods.  Burgers and fries just don't taste as good as they used too.  Salads taste awesome.

I can still struggle with drinking enough, particularly if I forget my water bottle at home each day, but I am a lot more hydrated each day.  I am also having LOTs less caffeine, usually just one dose - a coffee or tea - a day.

As for the scale, I haven't been on it, but really that doesn't matter in terms of this diet coke battle.  I think it was important to do regardless of whether it helps me lose weight or not.

I won't lie, sometimes I think giving it up is just plain silly.  As vices go it seems like such a mild one.  And yet, it was something that was controlling my life.  I spent lots of money on it and it really gave me no benefits.

So 4 weeks and counting.  I think I need to get myself a little something to honor my one month mark, (technically 2 days from now), but I'm feeling poor and haven't found something awesome yet.  But my eyes are open for something fabulous.  (I'm open to suggestions).

I do miss diet coke and soda, but overall I'm so pleased to have made it this far.


Kat said...

That is definitely a victory worth celebrating! I gave up DC like...two years ago maybe? Honestly, I can't even remember anymore. There are STILL days where I just really want to tote a cute silver can around or drink something fizzy with a non-descript brown flavor. I think it's great that you've been making such an effort to find better substitutes that scratch your "itch."

If you ever have a weak moment, just know that I'm right there with you, sista.

Marketing Mama said...

I'm impressed, Liz! That's a long time, and I'm so surprised to hear how much it's affected your tastes! Way to go!

:) said...

I was wondering how the soda thing was going but I didn't want to ask. :) Yay for being strong. It is amazing isn't it!

I have a soda on ocassion now, and it just isn't what it once was.

Marie said...

I'd say that is a victory. Congratulations!

Momma Hunt said...

Congrats four weeks is huge, great for you! The rest of the stuff will fall into line when your life calms down. CONGRATS

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

four weeks is amazing --- way to go! Lunch soon?

Andrea said...

I met you once or twice and read your blog... but have never commented. GREAT WORK! It is a good win to be sure.

Misty said...

Congrats on 4 weeks admitidly I'm off the wagon lately ....but today is a new day!