Tuesday, June 07, 2011

This and That

I'm in Continuing Ed for three days to learn about Faith Formation.  It is one of those instances where I am glad for the reminder that there are people as quirky, passionate and church-geeky as I am.  And the topics are great, I'm having so much fun thinking deep thoughts and figuring out how to translate it to real ministry and vocation.  But I'm jumping online during break to share two things with you!

1.  I wrote a guest post about Kids and Spirituality for my friend Missy the Marketing Mama which is up today.  I'd love it if you hop on over to read it and share any of your own thoughts on helping to teach kids about faith.

2.  We watched this video this morning in my class and while I typically don't demand that you go watch a 20 min video I really must insist that you watch this immediately.  It is amazing and while it talks about classical music it is transferable to whatever job or vocation you have, or being a parent, spouse or person in the community.  Seriously watch it and please share your thoughts about what you took away from it here. 

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