Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday night again

Boy, time seems to be flying lately.  The Goat family has been GO GO GO since Memorial day.  First there was the 5k, then a crazy week or work, then my 10 year college reunion (with second 5k in two weeks), then a week with 4 full days of continuing ed and a funeral to boot.  Finally there was this weekend.  It was unscheduled, which is practically unheard of lately, but wouldn't you know, we managed to fill it up!

Friday we wanted to be social but the baby still needed to sleep.  So we tested the monitors range and took our neighbor up on his invitation to hang out and chat in the garage.  We must be homeowners now because that is exactly what we did.  And the monitor worked because I knew right away when baby goat woke up because he took his diaper off and peed everywhere (again).  It was fun to get to know the neighbors more and it was fun to just sit and chat for a while.

Saturday we all slept in (even the toddler - until 8:30!!!!)  Then we got up and headed to the zoo for some fun.  We rode the monorail and visited the playground and fountain and had lunch outside.  Naturally I got sunburned but it was fun.  We saw surprisingly few animals but that was just what little goat preferred.  He was very insistent on keeping up with the bigger kids on the high playground structure so Mr. Goat and I got a workout keeping him safe from the larger falls.  Saturday ended with a fundraiser Mr. Goat had to go to for his choir...I stayed home and played with the toddler.  After the fundraiser a friend and fellow choir guy came over to play games.  Two late night social gatherings in one weekend!

Today was a planned date day.  Sister Goat came up to babysit in the afternoon. So we had church in the morning, then Mr. Goat and I went to see the movie Bridesmaids - hilarious BTW.  Finally we went up to the Sea Salt Eatery for dinner.  It is a seasonal restaurant in Minnehaha Falls Park and is all seafood.  It was outstanding and could easily get addicting.  We split some calamari tacos, and each had a po-boy.  Mr. Goat had crawfish, I had catfish.  So SO SO good.  It was a great date for Mr. Goat and I and a way to get away in celebration of our anniversary this week.

We got home to discover that Toddler goat took and almost 5 hr nap!  So he was up much later than normal, but he doesn't seem sick.  I suspect growth spurt myself but I guess time will tell. I really need a germ free week though as I have a ton of stuff to do, but that's pretty typical.  And I have to find a way back into the gym now that the summer is here.

In Summary, busy busy good good happy happy


sabrinaisonthemove said...

WHEW! You have been busy. Busy can be good and it sounds like you have enjoyed the past few weeks.

Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs Goat!! :)

Sarah - Fat Little Legs said...

I have wanted to check that place out... thanks for the "review". I need to get over there.

We need to meet at the park sometime soon!

And did your house have a couch out in front of it on Saturday evening? :-)

Valerie said...

Next times Hans and I are up there, we'll have to try that place out...maybe just the girls since Hans can't stand seafood but I live for it.