Monday, June 13, 2011

Prayer of a Fat Woman

Dear God,
Give me the courage not to eat everything in front of me.
Give me the patience and wisdom to savor my food, one bite at a time.
Remind me that "food" does not need to be candy-coated,
or partially-hydrogenated,
or processed.
Help me taste the full bounty of your creation.
In moderation.
Keep me on the path to real health.
Give me strength to move more today than the day before: longer, faster or stronger
But in all things remind me that you give me each day to start anew.
Give me the perspective to give myself grace when I fall, as you do.
You know that weight does not equal worth.
Help me to know it too.
You have given me all the tools I need to succeed.
It is in me because of you.
Show me where it is hidden
and help me become the me that you know I can be.

8 comments: said...

Love this!!!!
although food can be candy colored..
Tomatoes, carrotts, squash, spinach, potatoes, grapes! A whole rainbow of amazingness waiting to be devoured.
:) taste the rainbow.... but leave the skittles for the trash!!!


Laura P said...

Love this and it is much needed.

Momma Hunt said...

Love it!

MommytoZoeandAva said...

Love this Liz! So timely for me! Thank you!

~Kathie~ said...

Beautiful prayer! Thanks so much for sharing it!

JP said...


Misty said...

Have you been in my head again lately ?

elle said...

I really love this Liz. Thanks for putting your heart out there in a way that people need to hear. I can totally relate to this post, as I'm sure I've prayed it myself 10,000 times already.
It's so nice to know you aren't alone on the journey or alone with the feelings.