Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bullet Point Post

So much to share, so little time, but I want to get some thoughts out right now so you guys have an update about my life right now.
  • I am still soda free.  It has been 8 days.  The headaches seem to have gone away but I am still craving diet coke.  I'm learning to like iced tea and still really don't like too much coffee.  Or rather I like coffee very very sweet which is not that helpful.  But I can do the iced coffee with nonfat milk and a raw sugar for a passable compromise.  I find I've been drinking more juice along with more water and that could be trouble as I don't need that much sugar, but I am still avoiding the artifical sweeteners (with some great success).
  • We had some truly AWFUL big bed experiences at Grandma's and Grandpa's this weekend, to the point where we got out the port-a-crib just to get a bit of sleep before the wee hours.  (seriously one night I was up until 5am more or less, until he finally got up. for.the.day.  Thank goodness for Grandma who tagged me out then so I could get some sleep)  But being home again we are getting there.  Last night was 2 hrs, tonight was 45 minutes.  It helps that he's exhausted but I'm also learning how to respond to him too.  Hopefully we keep on improving.  That evening time is important for my well-being.
  • The world's greatest popcorn comes from Dairy Queen in Neenah, Wisconsin.  Yes, Dairy Queen.  Seriously, I'm willing to provide evidence!
  • Little goat got to go on his first two boat rides this weekend.  The first was a speed boat, the second was a pontoon.  On the second ride he kept saying "BOAT GO"   Apparently he didn't like the cruising speed of a pontoon and wanted to go faster again!  
  • He also went to the pool with us and his Godparent's family.  He was fearless and willing to jump in the pool over and over again.  He's well on the way to being a little fish as well as a little goat.
  • We went to our music class tonight and little goat doesn't seem too enthralled with the singing yet, but the moment those instruments come out he's in heaven.  Hitting things on purpose to make cool sounds = love.  It is fun to see him starting to learn about music too and he did much better this day than the first class.  (Although the doors need baby gates because he is perpetually curious and a master escape artist)
  • I'm sort of off the healthy lifestyle wagon.  I need to get my butt in gear but I'm feeling overwhelmed by all the things that need doing.  Still the soda thing is big so that is a good start.
  • The main purpose of this trip was my cousin's graduation party.  It was so nice to see the whole family.  Little goat saw many of his great aunts and uncles he'd only met once before.  He also got to see his great grandfather  (guess who forgot to take pictures!).  It was so nice to be with family.  I love MN but sometimes it is hard to be so far away from people I love.
  • One more, I'm featured over on Peace Garden Writer today!  Hop on over if you want to read how I started thinking of myself as a writer!  And welcome to anyone who came over from Roxane's page!

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