Friday, June 03, 2011

10 years

Here I am back on campus.  Back on the "Hill."  It is a place deep in my soul.  I remember coming here with my parents for alumni events and I didn't understand it then, but I do now.  Now I have my own child to drag to campus (although for my sanity and Mr. Goat's he's with Grandma and Grandpa).

It feels different and yet, the same.  There are similar faces around me, most of the students are gone and it can be easy to pretend that we are all back.  But there are differences too.  I am older yes, but some of the naivity that I held back then is also gone.  I know what this place meant and means to me, but I also know that life outside the Hill can be joyful and maddening, sorrowful and enlightening.  And I feel different too, and yet the same. 

Mr. Goat is beside me.  We met here, and fell in love.  We've walked these paths hand in hand before, but we didn't know then all the things we'd face.  I suppose we still don't know all the things we'll face, but we continue to be committed to facing them together.  I wonder if that is one of the things this Hill has taught me, that love and loyalty don't always mean easy roads, but that they do mean choosing to grow together.

The Hill has grown and changed and we do too.  But after 10 years I still pause, rapt at the end of Beautiful Savior.  After 10 years I still count this place among my homes.   All thing change, as they should, but for a weekend I dwell in the past and present combined into something new altogther.

I'm me there but an ever gowing me, and the me I am now leaves early tomorrow to run a 5k on campus, something the old me never would have done.   Change is good after all.  Um ya ya!

2 comments: said...

Have a great 5k sweety!!

Emma said...

Have fun! My brother Andy is there, too!