Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

* Little goat has a cold and stayed home today.  We went to urgent care last night to get a steroid (and an antibiotic for his forming ear infection) as his asthma wasn't quite controlled but now he's bounced back super quickly, which is good.  I'm not happy that the asthma is a continuing issue for him but I am very happy that we are closer to controlling it.

* His cold was such that he was feeling much better after each nebulizer treatment so we went for a walk this afternoon in the stroller.  We walked 2.10 miles and even stopped at the playground, so he must have been feeling much better.  (And I got a workout of sorts in, so it was a win)  I think we'll head back to daycare tomorrow.

* I was in the office for a half day as it was my supervising pastors last day and there was a lunch.  I cried.  She has helped me heal a lot from all of the crud of my old congregation and has really brought me back to a place where I enjoy and feel called to ministry.  Such a gift and I will miss her a lot.  I'm glad there are still lots of other awesome people on staff at my current church.  I am very blessed.

* I really want to go see the movie Bridesmaids.  I think it might be worth springing for a sitter so Mr. Goat and I can have a date.  Now if only we could find a date that we are both free!

* Question #1 on my mind today: Would you ever consider a vacation without your child?  I'm thinking yes, even though I'd miss him every second.  But am curious about your thoughts.

* Question #2 on my mind today:  What is your favorite low cost summer activity for kids - parks, splash pads, parades, etc?  I'm particularly interested in those of you who live in the Twin Cities.

* My 5k is in less that two weeks.  I am in no way ready, at least not where I'd like to be, but I'll go out and give it my best.  And I'll be beside some amazing people from the #priorfatpack.

* Mr. Goat has a vendetta against the dandelions in our yard.  I just think they are cheerful.

* It looks like we are a go for a family vacation this August.  I am thrilled because it means 1. a beach. 2. a beach with the extended Goat family. 3. which means that we aren't the only ones watching the toddler so I might actually get to sneak away and read a book by myself on the beaches of North Carolina.

* I need a game night.  Or a bridge night.  My strategic brain is numbing and it needs some exercise.

* RIP Harmon Killebrew

* It was so beautiful out today.  When the sun finally appears in the spring it really is glorious.

* Sometimes it baffles me how I've made very good friends with the help of the internet and social media.  It seems strange except that it is so true.  I am very grateful for it and the people I've met.  Thanks friends.  I less than 3 you!


Ruby Leigh said...

did someone say game night? What kinds of games do you like?

Sarah - Fat Little Legs said...

Kelley park in Apple Valley is a free splash pad, and there is a huge playground there too.

The parade on the 4th of July is Eagan is long and awesome... tons of marching bands, my little guy goes nuts. Get there early... it is a zoo.

The Market Fest in Eagan in Wednesday (starts in a couple of weeks I think) has free music and farmer's market stuff. A good place to bring a picnic or buy some food and hang out.

For the dandelions I highly recommend a company called Green Stuff... they spray fertilize for you, they will want you to buy like 8 times over the summer, tell them you only want 4. It's cheaper :-)

I can't wait to meet up with you on Saturday.. I seriously cannot believe we live so close!

Tiffany said...

Yes! I would absolutely consider a vacation without my children. And I have. Remember when we went to the Northshore together! And Ceci was still little, like 6 months or something. Yes, you miss your children but sometimes, you need to 'miss' your children. You get time to relax and rejuvenate and remember what it is like to get up in the morning and only get you ready! :) That being said, we do vacation mostly with the kids but if given the opportunity (and childcare) I'd love some time away!

I'm not in the twin cities but we love concerts in the park. We go early, bring a picnic supper and play before the concert. Also we invest in a pool pass. It is usually incredibly more cost effective and we spend a lot of our afternoons there! :)

Juanly said...

Vacation without kids? I guess it depends upon the person. When Valerie was 3, we took her to Hawaii. She absolutely made our trip! It was sooo much fun! The only concession we had to make was to make sure she got an afternoon nap. We were at dinner one night and saw a couple staring hungrily at our daughter. We started talking with them. Seems that their family had persuaded them to go to Hawaii without their 3 year old. They missed her so much they weren't able to truly enjoy their vacation. It didn't help matters that we were obviously having so much fun with our litttle girl.

Emma said...

We took a long weekend without the kiddo this fall (tacked onto a work trip), and it was wonderful. I highly recommend it!

darcie said...

While I would consider a vacation away from my kids, I wouldn't actually take one until they are older - unless it was a just a night or two away and not too far away...
Only because we are on a tight tight budget and if we are going to spring for a real vacation - ALL of us are going to enjoy it. Our family time together is limited as it is between work, daycare, extra curricular activities...While I'd love some beach time alone, I'd love it with my favorite people in the whole world even more!

fritzfacts said...

Hubby and I did Vegas a couple years ago without the kids, but that was also my sisters wedding so a two-fer. I think our next vacation will be all of us, if we can swing it.

Dandelions are evil. I hate them and if I could would spend many a night dealing with them. Ugh.

Parks etc...there are a TON in the twin cities, you just have to take the time to look. Chutes and Ladders is still my kids favorite, you pay for parking since it is a county/state park. They have water stuff and just the playground. But they also have the beach, canoe rentals etc. It is fabulous.

Momma Hunt said...

I would definetly do a vacation without the wee ones. Not a long one maybe a few days away. It is a good thing to recharge the batteries and reconnect with the spouse. Heck if it wasn't for our NYC getaway I woudln't have been the mom of two!

In terms of summer stuff we have an amazing pool in our town. I sign my son up for one set of lessons at the start of the summer and then after they are over I ask him if he wants to continue. This way I don't get stuck paying if he for some reason doesn't like it

Casey said...

Question 1- depends on the age and personality of the child. At this point, it's not going to work for us for some time. I think it works for others far earlier.

Question 2- We have a water table which is a.ma.zing. http://www.amazon.com/Step2-WaterWheel-Activity-Play-Table/dp/B000641DPQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1305756558&sr=8-1 Between that and the sand box, my boys are happy for hours in our backyard.

Misty said...

I hope little bit gets to feeling better soon!