Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Project Flower Bomb

When I was a kid I was terrified of tornadoes.  Phobic.  I didn't want to leave the house on windy days.  I certainly didn't want to leave if there was a tornado watch in place.  I remember babysitting once and freaking the kids out because there was a storm watch and I wouldn't let them play outside (not my finest moment).  Luckily for me my parents pretty much forced me to live a normal life around storms and didn't give in to my fears.  And after a few scary storms of not-dying and going to college and growing up I slowly started to grow out of this.  Nevertheless, I take storms seriously I just don't panic any more.

Another thing that helped...I went and married a fellow whose town had been hit by a tornado.  Hubby was a junior in High School when the tornado hit St. Peter.  He and most of the family were gone a concert.  His 6 yr old sister was home with a sitter.  In that tornado there was a lot of damage, one child was killed, and the town has never been quite the same.  And after 11 years with my husband I know those stories and I know how people start to deal with the destruction of a tornado as time passes.

So last Sunday night as I watched the news unfold about a tornado in North Minneapolis I knew I wanted to help.  Even more so since I knew several people affected directly by the tornado...including Jen, the PriorFatGirl herself.  But it felt like so little.  My resources are few.  My time is busy.  Also since Mr. Goat hurt his foot my schedule has been even more busy.

But my friend, Amelia Sprout, had a great idea.  And I jumped in with her and Jen on twitter and idea was born.  Jen lost all her flowers in the storm, planted in honor of her mother on Mother's day and it seemed like a simple thing to replace them for her and help cheer her up in this situation.  And so we thought, if a few flowers can help someone feel better then a LOT of flowers can help a LOT of people feel better.  And so I'm proud to support Project Flower Bomb.   (I stole the details directly from Jen's blog because she laid them out so well).

What: Project Flower Bomb…a way to bring together the local (and not-local) blogging community by spreading flowerous cheer to the north Minneapolis community recently devastated by tornadoes.  Please join us in planting some beautiful flowers on Sunday and then, passing them out to those in North Minneapolis who could use a little sunshine.
Date: Sunday, May 29th
Time: 2-5pm
Location: North Minneapolis – RSVP for address
RSVP: by 5pm Friday, May 25th
{For those who plan on coming, please bring your own gardening gloves/trowels (if you have them) and be prepared to get down and dirty!}

Supplies needed
We are in need of the following supplies…
  • planting dirt
  • pre-started flowers
  • new, unused pots of smallish size
We are looking for anyone who has any connections to local nurseries who would be willing to donate any supplies. Please contact me at if you have any connections.

Unable to donate your time?
For those who are unable to help plant on Sunday but still want to help, small monetary donations ($5, $10 or $20) can be sent via paypal to {please put PROJECT FLOWER BOMB in the notes.} Any monies not used will be donated to the Red Cross to help in general tornado disaster relief.
Will you help?  Yes it is a small thing but it is not insignificant.  And I hope that if our donations are sufficient we could even help with replacing trees sometime in the future.   Thanks and I hope to see you there!


Corryn said...

I'll be there on Sunday, have already RSVPed and look forward to meeting you and spreading some love. :o)

~Kathie~ said...

This is a wonderful idea! Totally stepping out of my comfort zone as I don't know anyone but I would love to help on Sunday for such a special cause.