Monday, May 23, 2011


Nothing I'm about to talk about even compares to the clean up efforts going on in NE Minneapolis because of tornadoes, nor can it even touch the tragic loss of life in Joplin from last night. But they are our bumps and very real. Nevertheless, I am thankful and grateful for what I have. That doesn't change.

And yet for a Monday, today has felt especially bumpy. It started last night when Mr. Goat started complaining about his foot. It was stiff and sore, but we walked to the playground after all the rain with little goat anyway. After toddler bedtime and some dumb Sunday night TV however Mr. Goat could hardly walk. (He'd been icing it that night too).

This morning it was the same, if not worse and there was a swollen spot on the top of his foot. He couldn't shower, or really walk or stand. And so it was to the doctor that we went. I dropped off the toddler and we went up to urgent care for x-rays.

It isn't broken, or maybe isn't? The Radiologist found some spot that looked like a previous fracture that maybe hadn't healed properly near where the foot hurt. But broken or not, Mr. Goat got a boot, crutches and an appointment with an orthopedic Dr. on Wed. Oh, and he's not allowed to drive (and frankly with the pain in his right foot he couldn't).

I dropped him off at work and finally got into the office myself. There was definitely a highlight of the day as my committee sent my some BEAUTIFUL flowers to celebrate the end of the school year. It was such a nice gesture...and seriously they are lovely. See?

But that was the main highlight of the day (the other - dinner and ice cream with my boys...can't beat that)

I had to leave early to get both boys on time and naturally the moment I walked into daycare I was greeted by the tear-streaked face of my toddler with a giant scrap/goose egg on his head.  He and a big wheel met a bitter fate in the driveway mere moments before my arrival.  He was fine, it was not serious and Little goat was fine.

And Mr. Goat is fine too, or will be.  They are fine, but it was the sort of Monday where you throw up your hands and say "fine, we can handle, but I'm certainly going to bed early"

I'm curious what Mr. Goat's Wednesday appointment will bring.  3 days of being the chauffeur, primary toddler wrangler, chef, while trying to do my normal work and housework sounds a bit overwhelming but I know that it will be fine.  It is just a speed bump.  But I feel like I'm bottoming out on it just a little.

And yet, our house is standing.  Our family is safe.  Our problems small.  So to bed, and to sleep and tomorrow is another day.

I'm not sure this post flows well but I am tired and too tired to edit this second.  So you get what you get :)  Oh, and I don't need to tell you but please pray for the people of Minneapolis and Joplin affected by the Tornadoes.  That is so much worse than my petty complaints.

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Momma Hunt said...

Sounds like a hectic few days for you...Love those beautiful flowers!