Friday, May 20, 2011

11 years ago

Eleven years ago today
I was suddenly bold
and brave
and daring

Asking a freshman
with a curly pony tail
and a tuba
and a voice from God
to come with friends
to a concert

and he said yes.

and later
when the friends were gone
he remained
talking into the night

I was shocked at his innocence
he'd never seen the Princess Bride
something to be remedied

and in the midst of
a kissing book read
a kissing movie running
my story became a kissing story too

and my life has never been the same.

11 years ago
a boy
and a girl
and a story began

and continues today.
no longer so young
but still a kissing story.


Laura said...

So sweet. Congrats on this anniversary.

Melinda said...


sabrinaisonthemove said...

I love a good love story!! said...

Yay for kissing books!!!

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