Thursday, April 07, 2011

Spring and Priorities

Oh I love spring.  There are aspects of all seasons that I love, but those first sunny warm days of spring are something truly special.  It makes you smile and sing in the car.  It also serves to remind of the priorities in my life.  Take tonight for instance.  I had to be at church until 7pm due to meetings.  But I was left with a dilemma.  With approximately two hours of work left to be accomplished in order to be ready for Sunday do I stay late and finish or do I go home and go in for a few hours on my day off?

In the winter I would almost always choose working through and maintain my day off well.  Today I choose to go home to catch a hug from baby goat before bed and have some down time with hubby.  Did the sunshine help my decision making?  I think so.  We've been enjoying playground time as a family and going home with the sun still up makes me feel like the day has gone more smoothly even if it is still 7pm.  And yes, I have to go in tomorrow but it still should be only two hours either way and I can coordinate it with my other errands for the day.

But while it helped me keep my priorities straight tonight it has yet to make a big difference for my working out.  I was supposed to run on Wednesday, but work kept me running around until late.  That and it was Mr. Goat's birthday.  I should have gone today but work kept me busy and the same urge to leave the work until tomorrow for some good family time worked against working out as well.  But there is a whole day tomorrow and I will be going out.  I might even try running in the neighborhood rather than the gym tomorrow.  Although I don't want to scare any of the new neighbors!

It is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend, will your priorities change?  What will you do differently in the beautiful weather that you wouldn't do in the snowy winter weather?


Valerie said...

Ok, so tell Goat not to hurt me, but you need a dog...preferably one with energy. You'd want to walk the dog just to wear him out, and you'd have a workout buddy. :D

Alright, that's my bit since I've really been enjoying the spring weather by walking the dogs, and that's pretty much the only workout I've been getting lately. Otherwise, I completely understand what you're talking about...on all accounts.

Ann said...

I really believe in the power of Vitamin D (sunshine). It improves my mood, too!!

fritzfacts said...

Sunshine always wins in my mind! I would have done the same thing as you!!