Thursday, April 28, 2011

Random Thursday Thoughts

* I have an ear infection.  It developed today and is my second one in 2011.  I don't think I'd had one in the 10 years before 2011, but now I've had two.  Not fun, but I'm glad I caught it early.  AND I may it to urgent care a full three minutes before they closed, so that was a win.  Although I was taken aback when the doctor asked what kind of antibiotics I wanted... um, you're the doctor!

* It has been a Geek-tastic week.  I tweeted with Kari Byron of Mythbusters and I saw my friend Liz sitting by Seth Green (and meeting Levar Burton) in a live feed of the NASA Tweetup for the final space shuttle launch.  Makes me wish I had pursued sciences so I could be an astronaut, but I think I'm not tall enough so I would have been ineligible after all.

* Easter candy is addicting.  Which is totally obvious and yet I forget it each year!

* Mr. Goat and I are going on a date tomorrow.  With another couple.  Out to dinner and a show.  Like real people and not parents of a two year old.  Yay!

* I have finally calmed the war raging in my mind about the Royal wedding.  Part of me scoffs and refuses to partake in the hype.  The other part of me wants to watch the spectacle.  I've compromised by DVRing the wedding which I'll be able to watch on Saturday.

* Today I got to play with a hot glue gun and get paid for it.  Sometimes my job is just plain fun!  (P.S.  VBS is coming...)

* Little goat has been enjoying taking off his diaper after we put him to bed for the night.  Sometimes with some undesired results.  I may have to resort to duct tape.

* My Grandma had her car taken away by her sons.  She then failed the test needed to prove that she could drive safely.  She went and took a class, took the class again and then passed the test.  Now the sons have a bit of a quandary on their hands.  Fun stuff.  (NOT)

* It has been cold and rainy until late this afternoon, but you know what, no complaints here.  We could have had Alabama's weather instead.  So I'll just pray for them.

* And based on some of the events of this week, prayer seems to be working powerfully.  Several folks I know have had good news where only bad was expected, so I'm on board with the power of prayer!

* If you are another mom and I say that "Two is a challenging age" it doesn't make me feel better when you laugh and say "Wait for three."

* I'm still training for the 5k!  It is in just over a month, so it is time to kick it into high gear.  I even ran outside this week!

* Tomorrow is the last day to vote for the Future PriorFatGirl Mom Edition.  I'm one of the nominees but there are 8 other amazing women so please go read the stories and vote for your favorite.  But know that we'll all be moving forward next week no matter who gets choosen, because we are awesome like that!


Wendy said...

2 is kicking our butts. Just saying...

Anonymous said...

Three is much easier than two! With both my kids! Three is a dream! (Now that I've put that one in print, Katelyn better be good today!)

-Kristen (Sharon's sister)

Kat said...

Oh Lord, I am the Queen of adult ear infections so, I definitely feel your pain!

I'm also the person who is allergic to Penicillin so when I roll into the doctor's office, I do just tell them what antibiotic is my "preferred"/usually given...hahahaha. Go figure, right?