Monday, April 18, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about priorities lately.  It might be because I have a lot of goals.  I have professional goals, and parenting goals.  I have goals to spend quality time with my husband and my son.  I have writing goals.  I have weight loss goals.  I have blogging goals.  I have goals for what I'd like to do in the house.  Lots of goals.

But realistically you can't do it all.

I work in a suburb with a lot of busy families.  Often the programs at church conflict with music, school and sports activities.  And parents have to choose for their kids, and often they choose the other event and not church.  And that is their choice, they are choosing their priorities.  Other times families choose church, which is also their choice.  I, of course, wish there weren't the conflicts in the first place.  But that isn't to be.

So what do we do with all the priorities we have?  I know that little goat's needs and priorities will start taking more weight too, as we start having interest in classes and lessons - swimming, piano, baseball, who knows?  But I also know that I have to take the time needed for me.  Weight loss needs to be a big priority in my life, but I'd also like to really work on writing too.  And as it is my job is a hard one to keep at only 40 hrs a week. 

So how do you choose?  And how do you make sure there is time to accomplish your priorities?  I know I could get up earlier but I've never been a morning person so it is pulling teeth for me.  I need to find ways to make it priorities more of a reality at night too but after dinner, dishes, bedtime, not to mention work, I find I am just ready to relax.

I want to know, what are the priorities in your life?  How do you find time to follow through on your priorities?


Ann said...

My #1 goal is to live a healthy, active lifestyle. If everything I do helps me reach that goal, then I'm doing pretty well. If I'm in a situation that I need to make a decision, I always chose the option to help me reach that "healthy, active lifestyle." But - I dont have kids yet, which I imagine would make it ten million trillion times harder.

EDH said...

I have found that having broader goals helps me reach them and also cut myself some slack. So, my #1 goal right now is to be healthy. This means that I take time to keep myself healthy, yes, but also that I have a healthy relationship with my husband and daughter. So if those things collide sometimes, I go easy on myself because I'm still prioritizing health & wellness, you know?

As far as wellness goes, I think of it more like spokes on a wheel rather than a vertical hierarchy. Everything flows outward from being healthy, rather than putting "health" at the top ahead of other things. So I think a lot of priorities can coexist.

Valerie said...

Can we have that little thing from Harry Potter that allows us to go back in time? Please? Honestly, you and I must be on the same page right now because I was about to write up a blog post on pretty much the same thing.

I can talk on getting up earlier, though. I've found I get a lot more done when I get up earlier. Fortunately for me, the dogs wake me up bright and early, so I have no choice. If you'd like to be a morning person, I suggest becoming one gradually. Set your alarm ten minutes earlier. Wake up ten minutes earlier (and try to get one thing done) every day for a week. Then go ten minutes earlier again. Wash, rinse, repeat. Eventually, your body will adjust and being a morning person will be easier. Plus, if you use that as time just for you, even if it's only half an hour, you'll find you may even enjoy that time.

Good luck!

fritzfacts said...

I always worry about balancing it all, it is never easy. My main goals are being with my family, spending the much needed/wanted time together. Even if that happens to be at the ball field, the in-laws or on the way to the cabin. Any time is special.